Aries: If the old way won't work or people won't cooperate, try a different course of action or change your own attitude.

Taurus: Work or chores put on hold this weekend now demand attention. Prioritize, but don't fret - it can't be done in one day.

Gemini: What is keeping you from expressing your creativity or pursuing a dream? Identify blocks & clear them.

Cancer: The holiday mix of friends & family brings both joy & overwhelming variety. Do something you enjoy that grounds you.

Leo: You & your mate or business partner would benefit from spending time together to align your plans for the future.

Virgo: Considering charging for your time & energy if you are repeatedly sought out by friends or a group for certain skills.

Libra: You may be pushing family or coworkers to put the holiday weekend behind & get to work but they are slow to comply.

Scorpio: Work could be a welcome escape from the intensity of emotions brought up by family/partner relationships.

Sagittarius: Avoid returning gifts to stores or chasing after holiday sales. Satisfaction or a productive trip isn't likely now.

Capricorn: Using beauty, sensitivity & charm accomplishes more at work or business than a hard sell or following rules.

Aquarius: If you can identify what you want, the battle is half won. Thinking good things aren't possible for you will derail you.

Pisces: Expansion in business or prosperity is one part internal shift & one part asking for help from successful sources.

The moon in the cardinal earth sign of structured Capricorn can have a serious and sobering effect on you early today as it forms a T-square aspect pattern with restrictive, but stabilizing Saturn in Libra and abundant, expansive Jupiter in material minded Taurus. For many people, this Monday can feel like a real crash after the holiday weekend. The reality check of money spent, fun ending and back to the daily routine can feel heavy due to today's T-square. If your list of chores includes shopping after holiday sales or returning items, you may want to wait until tomorrow when this T-square, which can affect both spending and relating in a stressful way, has passed. Later this evening, the moon will have entered the friendly, but unpredictable, air sign of Aquarius, where it joins Venus, the planet of affection and pleasure. The squares between the moon and Saturn and Jupiter will be gone and the mood is definitely light and adventurous. A group activity or connecting with friends is a good tension reliever and pick me up after a day that may present challenges both materially and emotionally or gives you an extra dose of work.

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