Aries: Too much information is confusing. What to do, where to go, are questions best answered through instinct & intuition.

Taurus: Minor confusion in communication with friends or an organization clears up by midday. Be patient & kind throughout.

Gemini: Work at home Twins may have a non-productive day. Managing family, relationship, career is a juggle for all.

Cancer: You may have to sell, speak, teach or travel but in the course of the day, meet with delays, changes in plans, or inattention.

Leo: "Counting chickens before they've hatched" can cause you to overextend, financially. Dealing with work now forms the future.

Virgo: Avoid making any "executive" decisions re: home or family. You may think you know what you want, but it is nebulous.

Libra: Negative thoughts about work, coworkers, or your own body or health can make for more aches & pain or "pains in the butt".

Scorpio: Not a good day to approach an institution for a grant or loan. Also, avoid presenting new creative ideas to others now.

Sagittarius: Listen to your Muse now. Focus on refining an art or skill & let the "to do" list of home life & career wait.

Capricorn Inability to find the right words to express a feeling or idea will pass later today. Until then, sort & examine thoughts.

Aquarius : Hold onto your money. An invoice could be in error or what someone says you must do financially could be wrong.

Pisces: Stage fright? You may be feeling that you are the wrong person for a job or not up to it but your fear is fleeting. Just try.

The moon in the mutable water sign of sensitive Pisces forms a challenging T-square early today with action oriented Mars in practical Virgo,and Mercury, planet of thought, communication and transportation, in expansive Sagittarius. These three mutable signs are all flexible and adaptable, which is a good quality to have when life throws a curve ball, but there is too much of a mutable thing going on now. Mars in Virgo wants to be precise and detailed, Mercury in Sagittarius wants to move on to the next thing, and the moon in Pisces is feeling vague and overly sensitive. Confusion, indecision and distraction reign until midday when the T-square begins to break apart. The moon sails through the afternoon free of any major planetary aspects and things will settle down in a dreamy, creative way - although odd feelings or events are always possible during Pisces moon transit. Later this evening, as the moon approaches Uranus in Aries, a restlessness may develop that keeps you up late. The moon is about to join Uranus now and together, they form a quincunx to Saturn in Libra. You may learn something new about a partner, or, if you are single, you may want to post a profile on a dating site online or communicate with someone who seems interesting. A change or new beginning in life or love is contemplated as you tune into the planetary energy and the approach of a New Year.

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