Aries: Marketing a service or information is profitable now. Work with a partner or agency to maximize your profit potential.

Taurus: A blessing or gift may come to you from a friend or business. Travel, education or teaching plans are favored, as well.

Gemini: Do the small things you put on hold for big things. Your energy will feel lighter as the outstanding "to do" list shrinks.

Cancer: Refinancing a home, applying for a loan or grant may be a wise move. Leverage what you have to gain more in future.

Leo: Work & career are in the spotlight. There may be growth & changes to consider. Don't dismiss a partner's perspective now.

Virgo: Pay to learn or teach to earn. Money & knowledge go hand in hand. Some may also consider a vacation time share plan.

Libra: Say "I do" to love, business partnership or an opportunity to be paid for creativity, art, music, cooking or design skills.

Scorpio: Some Scorpios may know at the soul level that they have found their match. Others will go to any length for a loved one.

Sagittarius: Your biggest asset today is your ability to get along with anyone & to motivate diverse personalities to work together.

Capricorn: A holiday party at work is perfect now. Finding perfect gifts for friends & family is easy, too. Holiday generosity.

Aquarius: Gather messages or signs you've been receiving intuitively & formulate a new personal growth program or mind set.

Pisces: You feel as though you are part of something outside yourself or bigger than you. You are right. Trust internal guidance.

The moon enters the fixed earth sign of productive, sensual, material minded Taurus today, where it joins abundant, expansive Jupiter. Together, the moon and Jupiter form a supportive sextile to inspirational Neptune in future minded, intelligent Aquarius. Neptune trines Saturn in Libra, helping you to create or find perfect plans or solutions. Don't be afraid to go beyond existing boundaries today. Try something new while Jupiter and the moon give you the optimism and strength to see something through to a fruitful conclusion. Today's positive aspects can apply to business, creativity or romance. Follow whatever looks, feels, tastes, sounds or smells good while the Taurus moon enhances your senses. The pleasure principle grows even stronger toward evening, when the Taurus moon form a trine to intensifying Pluto in Capricorn. Venus in Capricorn trines Mars in Virgo, as well. Fine dining would be on my list of things to do tonight, followed by some serious snuggling. Shop for luxury items, furniture or appliances while the aspects enhance beauty, durability, quality and value.

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Dunnea Rae is a professional, experienced astrologer specializing in natal chart interpretation and relationship guidance. She offers her consultations and services through her own site at