Aries: In business & in friendship, you may work extra hard to be heard or get your way. Are you trying to move too fast?

Taurus: Even if you have who or what you want, Valentine's Day may stir poignant feelings of impossibility or unrequited love.

Gemini : You may just want to escape work or all the "have too's" today. Yet guilt may mar your pleasure if you skip out.

Cancer: The more you try to control creativity at work or emotional responses in love, the more you may be disappointed.

Leo: Valentine's Day can stir the passionate, dramatic actor in you, but your Romeo or Juliet may be reserved or preoccupied.

Virgo: Actions speak louder than words or fancy gifts in love. You prefer a partner who works with you or walks their talk.

Libra: Valentine's day turns your focus on the importance of matched values as a foundation for future growth in relationship.

Scorpio: It may be true that no one really "gets it" when it comes to love, or understands you - but you are an enigma to yourself.

Sagittarius: Lost or insecure over love & relationship? Don't worry, tonight the moon enters your sign & you find yourself again.

Capricorn : You may turn a critical eye toward your own track record or means of expression in friendship or love. Open up.

Aquarius: You may feel exposed or vulnerable when you put your passion out in the open, whether for a lover, friend or work.

Pisces: Nostalgic or tragic love stories may appeal to you this Valentine's Day. Buy yourself chocolate if no one else does.

Yesterday's challenging square between Venus, planet of affection and pleasure, in "me first" Aries, and intensifying, controlling, Pluto in traditional, restrictive Capricorn is still in place today, creating either expectations or a resistance to commitment, rules or confinement in love. Saturn in the relationship minded sign of Libra is still quincunx Uranus in Aries, creating some tipping scales between "we" and "me", and Saturn creates a yearning for romantic stability and a fulfillment of (possibly) unrealistic dreams as it forms a trine to romantic, dreamy Neptune conjunct Mercury in Pisces. The moon is still transiting the deeply sensitive, all-or-nothing, feminine fixed water sign of Scorpio and it moves into a square aspect to the sun in the masculine, detached, freedom loving sign of Aquarius, and a square to Neptune in Pisces. When I look at relationships between people, I often see the Scorpio/Aquarius energy as a fatal attraction. The feeling of familiarity between the two signs is that they are both fixed - hard working and stubborn - but they move in different realms and come from the polarized energy of masculine/feminine. Investigative, penetrating Scorpio is captivated by the intelligence of Aquarius but often shocked by the Aquarian lack of emotion. Aquarius admires the Scorpio persistence, but mistakes Scorpio self containment and control of emotional expression for Aquarian-esque independence and detachment, and is shocked when the lava of Scorpio emotion erupts. Scorpio excludes all others for the one other and expects exclusivity in return. Aquarius celebrates the individual, but is all inclusive of others, and expects acceptance of personal freedom. Elementally, water and air are ill at ease together because water resides in emotions and air, in intellect. So, the predominant lunar energy of today, layered on top of the aspects I've listed, makes all the love stories of tragic mismatches, bittersweet endings, and unrequited yearning emotionally appealing. If you are in a loving relationship, you may judge yourself or your lover by an impossible yardstick of emotional "what if's" and if you are looking for love, you may feel that you will never meet the right one, be satisfied or that you are one of those people who just isn't meant to be happy in love. Thankfully, the moon leaves Scorpio this evening and enters the optimistic, expansive fire sign of Sagittarius. The moon still forms a square to Neptune conjunct Mercury in Pisces, but it now forms a supportive trine to Urans in Aries, and later still, a quincunx to Jupiter in Taurus. Now you are willing to accept that life or love may never be perfect, but you are more than willing to try again, take a chance, and appreciate people and situations just as they are. I woke up this morning with a song in my head - "Holiday" by the Bee Gees. I feel it expresses the energy of the planets today. May your Valentine's Day be full of love.

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