Aries: A relationship status could change, you desire some space, a mate & friend don't mix well, not all want to do the same thing.

Taurus: You may hide your genius or unusual thoughts to maintain popularity or to avoid being burdened with additional work.

Gemini: You may have to tell customers or friends you aren't a miracle worker or know it all. It's either beyond you or up to them.

Cancer: A change in work may affect future security, such as revision of company perks like insurance or a retirement plan.

Leo: "We" is difficult today if you really mean "I". Others may not oppose you but could have their own views or tasks to consider.

Virgo: A strange mix of emotions around love & money may require detachment & cool reason to sort out what must be done.

Libra: Progress or success in love or business takes serious discussion & definition of personal boundaries & expectations.

Scorpio: Fear of rejection or criticism follows creative or romantic expression, or changes in work, but no holding back.

Sagittarius: Don't argue with a friend or buy into negative opinion. You have the sure knowing that a change or plan will work.

Capricorn: Self expression matters more than money at work. You choose to do what you know you must, not what pays most.

Aquarius: Aquarius says "I know" but you may be unable to answer some questions or foresee the future. Trust in highest good.

Pisces: You could be surprised or shocked by a friend's perception of you or introspection reveals a surprising aspect of yourself.

The moon in the fixed air sign of independent but friendly, intelligent and erratic, future minded Aquarius forms a stimulating sextile aspect to unsettling Uranus in the cardinal fire sign of pioneering, assertive Aries today, while simultaneously forming a challenging square aspect to restrictive Saturn in the relationship minded air sign of Libra. Those Libra scales may tip like mad as the sparks and shocks of the moon/Uranus aspect fly. A sextile aspect between potent Pluto in Capricorn and Mercury in inspired Pisces increases the desire to see personal dreams manifest and to have your intentions be heard and recognized. It is a bit of a zealot aspect, making your opinion feel like the only and best opinion - and why can't other people just see things as you do? A change or some space is desired today and you are sure you know what is right or best. The challenge lies in finding harmony, cooperation or agreement between people. The other challenge is that no one person can see the future clearly because there are too many probable futures based on each individual being able to affect the future by changing his or her mind or plans in any given moment. Entertain possibilities today, but suspend expectations or judgment of others. There is great potential today for manifestation or positive changes, but also many unknown variables and unpredictable people. early this evening, when the Aquarius moon forms a difficult square to expansive Jupiter in material minded Taurus, you may become aware of just how much work it will take to manifest your dreams or activate plans. Think deeply.

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