Aries: Give freely with an open heart today & you will receive abundantly or be surprised to find a secret wish is granted.

Taurus: A worry is forgotten as you succeed in your aims. A friend, group or company may be the source of beneficial aid.

Gemini: You share or teach something that has to do with beauty or higher spiritual truth today. A single creative focus.

Cancer: Ready, set, go on a business change, investment or life improvement plan. Intelligence, foresight & wisdom converge.

Leo: Listen to your lover, business partner or someone with "water under the bridge" when it comes to your business ideas.

Virgo: Pushing yourself to a new level of performance or personal excellence inspires others to excel. A perfect partner appears?

Libra: A creative idea from out of the blue, although unusual, may become a phenomenon. Back it up with promotional effort.

Scorpio: You find your niche in work or personal expression. Self acceptance, sense of well being supports self employment.

Sagittarius: All the right words or being in right place at right time makes magic today. Let adventure & impulse lead you.

Capricorn: If you need money, ask for it. A loan request, mortgage, or info that helps with the "how" of things
comes through.

Aquarius: Speak up, Aquarius! The moon in your sign is helped by Venus & Mars. Act on your desires & you get what you want.

Pisces: Tune into your guides & angels - they offer protection, guidance & a possible material blessing or financial surprise.

As the moon moves through the fixed sign of unpredictable but extremely intelligent Aquarius today, it forms a supportive sextile aspect to Venus, planet of affection and pleasure, in "I am" Aries. With the cluster of planets - the sun, Chiron, Neptune and Mercury in inspired, dreamy, fruitful Pisces being supported by a trine from Saturn in Libra - a beautiful, perfect, inspired wish could be granted. Keep your faith in the unseen while the lines of sudden and surprising manifestation are wide open. The potential for things to happen in a way that is best for you is strong, and the way the planets interact today, indicates that anything good or new that comes to you will also be best for others. A quincunx between the moon and Mars in Virgo during the working day tells me that new plans or surprises, even if they are good, can cause a temporary agitation of energy. There may be discussions, a shifting of priorities or reworking of schedules. Ingenuity and improvisation are with us all today. This is a wonderful quickening energy that feels like the preview or trailer to the new moon in Pisces which arrives tomorrow.

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Dunnea Rae is a professional, experienced astrologer specializing in natal chart interpretation and relationship guidance. She offers her consultations and services through her own site at