Aries: You take a chance on love, a creative idea or something entirely unique to you. "Nothing ventured, nothing gained."

Taurus: A surprise could come at work or through a friend or organization. You also may be called upon to use an unusual skill.

Gemini: Keep tweaking business plans, working on self promotion & making social connections. You could make a new friend.

Cancer: A day of fact finding, information gathering, appointment setting or scheduling. Organize, clear up paper clutter.

Leo: A second opinion before spending money is advised. Something may not be what you think it is. You are not always right!

Virgo: You & a mate or business partner may not agree but a brilliant solution could come from neither one of you. Be open.

Libra: Lighten up! Add some beauty or romance to your day. Don't hesitate to try a new look or use "feminine" sensitivity

Scorpio: It is the quality of the energy that you put into your work or service that makes it desirable. Use good vibrations!

Sagittarius: As soon as you realize things don't HAVE to be difficult, the energy shifts to go & flow.
Don't ride the brakes!

Capricorn: The truth could set you free or surprise you. Surpises may also come when you seek information or share ideas.

Aquarius: Are you ready to master money & business management? Put on your thinking cap, get organized & look ay details.

Pisces: Double check tax returns or check a "found money" site online. You may be surprised to learn money waits in your name.

The moon continues to move through the mutable sign of Pisces early today, without making any major planetary energy exchanges. Contemplation or meditation would be a good way to pass the first half of the day. Later this afternoon, the moon begins to sidle up to restless, impulsive Uranus in Aries, and together, they form a quincunx to Saturn in Libra. Some may be challenged to assert themselves better now. With Mars in Virgo quincunx to Venus in Aries, thoughts may turn to love - how to get some, or get away from it - or shenanigans of some kind- especially with Mars opposing Mercury now. There is a desire to be naughty for the heck of it today or to stir up some trouble just to see the effect. There may also be the desire to go ahead and do what you want to do, even if "they" - whoever they are - says you shouldn't, or that it just can't be done. Repeat after me: "Oh, yeah? Says who? Just watch me! " Make some mischief tonight, within legal and safe boundaries. The lyrics from the theme song to Malcolm in the Middle, just popped into my head - a perfect song for this slightly vague, restless and rebellious energy today. Whether life is treating you fairly or not now, you can sing along and feel the energy of the day.

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