Aries : Quotas to meet at work or a deadline on a project can make you feel wired, but goals are met. Limit caffeine intake.

Taurus: You may be asked to teach or write on a subject you know well. Self publishing or self promoting is the way to go.

Gemini: You follow hunches or intuition in work that may lead to changes in who you market to, or business services you use.

Cancer: The strong support of friends or a mate helps you adjust to changes in career or an unpredictable work environment.

Leo: Travel plans or work schedule may change but your mindset is positive as you see the potential for greater income on the way.

Virgo: Gains & losses may come at the same time, or there's an emotional component to shared resources that requires detachment.

Libra: Big gain is possible in making real estate deals or investments but a mate or business partner could be scared to join in.

Scorpio: A turn around in attitude changes work or your health for the better. You may have the support of a "better half" now.

Sagittarius: "Ask & you shall receive" in work or sales. Something creatively edgy or a gutsy, almost impertinent request works.

Capricorn: Surprising news pertaining to children or parents can change your home life - who you are or where you live.

Aquarius: Suddenly, you can identify blocks to your prosperity.
Old beliefs crash & burn as new structure is set in place.

Pisces: It's OK to ask for more! Your request for a big payout won't be denied because your knowledge or talent is in demand.

Changes are in the works today as the moon in the cardinal fire sign of assertive, initiating Aries joins Uranus, the planet of genius and change. This conjunction feels like popcorn kernels beginning to pop, making everyone antsy to start something fresh. There is a new confidence that dreams will become real or material needs will be met, as a beautiful trine forms between abundant Jupiter in material minded Taurus and powerful Pluto in success oriented Capricorn. This wonderful earthy trine is the first leg of a Grand Trine that will be forming over the course of the next ten days, culminating on March 9th, just before Mercury retrogrades on March 12th. I see an image of a man in a fine suit having a tailor measure and mark adjustments to make the suit a perfect fit for the man. The square aspect between Mercury in Pisces and Mars in Virgo relaxes today, and by evening, Mars in Virgo is fully energized by a quincunx to Venus in Aries. Make whatever adjustments you must in your plans during the day, and by this evening, the "fit" should be custom tailored to your specifications. Then take your plans and work them consistently and persistently between now and the Mercury retrograde period, and you can expect success. Here's some musical motivation from Smashmouth to get you started on the powerful manifestation cycle that begins now. The lyrics from "All Star" say moon in Aries conjunct Uranus like nothing else!

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