Aries: A deep feeling of personal well being, harmony in relationships & an inner knowing that things will go well increases.

Taurus: Work with friends, an organization, or online is pointed in a profitable direction or gives you great satisfaction now.

Gemini: You could find the right fit in career or a business that allows you to be creative, independent, intuitive & prosperous.

Cancer: All your relationships currently support growth & harmony. Strengthen ties, organize cooperative or group activities

Leo: An abundance of work or an opportunity that is secure increases harmony in your relationships. Trust in a good future.

Virgo: Plan a trip to a romantic location or share plans for an ideal future with a partner. Singles may meet an ideal mate now.

Libra: You derive pleasure & hope from working on improving a home, your health or making a business more profitable.

Scorpio: Charm, creativity, magnetism help you express yourself fully in love or creative endeavors. A long held wish may come true.

Sagittarius: Your income increases with your confidence or expertise now. You may also make a large, but satisfying, purchase.

Capricorn: Creative expression may be the most enjoyable part of your career. Time spent with children or in play, is fulfilling.

Aquarius: Prosperity principles & a commitment to feeling abundant or deserving of all you desire will bring positive change.

Pisces: A secure business or dream job can be built on your ideals or words. Writing, teaching, performing, or inspiring - pays.

The moon leaves the cardinal fire sign of initiating Aries this morning and joins the Jupiter, the planet of growth and abundance,in material minded Taurus, by midday. Now the things you have begun take hold, feel grounded and real or are already showing signs of being profitable, or headed in a good direction. Confidence, optimism and a determined intention to be productive are increased by a wonderful trine between the moon conjunct Jupiter and intensifying, powerful Pluto in structured Capricorn. The sun in inspired Pisces is supporting both Pluto and the moon/Jupiter conjunction through easy flowing sextile aspects. The opposing energy from restrictive Saturn to expansive Jupiter has diminished and there appears to be nothing standing in your way now. Uranus, planet of genius and change, forms two mild semi-sextiles - one to the moon/Jupiter duo, and another to Neptune in Pisces. These are not majorly significant aspects, but could be just the extra bit of a boost you need to feel that a risk you might be taking or something you've embarked on is a change for the better, and exciting, rather than frightening. The aspects today may increase your appreciation of the material world and the good things you already have, including family, friends, love and nature. Gratitude and appreciation are the perfect emotional vibrations for increasing good things in your own life and the lives of everyone who connects with you. Find reasons to smile!

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Dunnea Rae is a professional, experienced astrologer specializing in natal chart interpretation and relationship guidance. She offers her consultations and services through her own site at