Aries: A compromise might have to be reached in order for you to see a dream or personal plan accepted or completed.

Taurus: In order to honor yourself or have your needs met, you may have to release a friendship or change some other alliance.

Gemini: You would like to turn your energy to reclusive idea development or day dreaming but work requires communication.

Cancer: Make a presentation today or contact an organization that can help you. Share or find important information online.

Leo: Business or work may cause you to take a wait & see attitude or you adjust expectations. Don't sacrifice too much.

Virgo: A trip with a partner or friend for pleasure or business is fun but could tire you by day's end. Don't overdo the itinerary.

Libra: The urge to invest too much emotional, physical or financial energy into work or a business is strong. Moderation is key.

Scorpio: A romantic or creative interest you have been immersed in, now loses some of that magic glow - come up for air!

Sagittarius: Later today, you may become aware that no matter how your means expands, your living needs expand with them.

Capricorn: No one can present a perfect image all the time, but you come close. Allow yourself the comfort of imperfection.

Aquarius: Avoid saying , "It's not fair" if presented with a bill you don't like, but you've benefited from the product or service.

Pisces: A writing, teaching or sales opportunity may be full of potential & put you in a powerful position, so why the cold feet?

A busy day is before us as the moon continues to transit the fixed earth sign of productive, material minded Taurus. All through the day, Mercury, the planet of thought, speech and transportation, in the mutable water sign of Pisces, enhances the imagination, bestows creative inspiration and amplifies the sensual effects of color, sound, flavors, scents and textures. With the Pisces sun in sextile aspect to Jupiter in Taurus and also sextile Pluto in Capricorn, things may be viewed as profound or deeply important. Stabilizing Saturn in designing, relationship minded Libra is still trine to dreamy, inspiring Neptune in Pisces. If you would like to make the most of the energy today, try wearing black and accenting with purples and/or the blues or greens of the ocean. Just as a Yod, or Hand of God, aspect forms this afternoon between Mercury/moon/Saturn and pushes for the experience or realization of perfection or the tipping point of manifestation attracted through emotion,thought and certainty - the moon creates a speed bump with a possible doubt or deception producing square aspect involving Neptune in Pisces. The one thing I see most when I encounter a difficult Neptune aspect in a natal chart is how unbelieving or unseeing the person affected by the aspect can be at times or in the particular area of life where Neptune resides in the chart. The inspiration and imagination of Neptune can switch to illusion or deception with the slightest shift. Our last two days have been fairly free of challenging aspects between the planets and we have benefited from a productive cycle. Now it may be time to back off a bit from working too hard before you find fault or become so attached to an outcome that you begin to fear a failure. As the moon in Taurus pushes you to complete something, you may have to make adjustments or allowances for yourself or other people. Escapism this evening is probably the best way to deal with emotional disturbances. A good book, movie, or meditation can help you feel calm. Also remember that any doubt or disappointment you may feel is the result of a passing, short lived aspect and not a valid excuse for giving up - especially since things have been looking so promising.

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