Aries: You may be the one everyone comes to with problems this morning, distracting you from your tasks. Socialize tonight.

Taurus: You may have to do something you would rather not do early today. Think well of it & reward yourself when it's done.

Gemini : You & a partner may be on different schedules or have conflicting ideas this morning but evening brings harmony & fun.

Cancer: Lateness, travel or communication impatience possible earlier, but work & creativity satisfy you as the day unfolds.

Leo: Money decisions may be difficult in the first half of the day, but after looking at possibilities & prioritizing, results are positive.

Virgo: Getting out the door is difficult this morning or you're too persnickety. Home or self improvement achievements feel good.

Libra: Morning brings a chance to learn the power of your thoughts. Things improve as you turn away from worry & imagine success.

Scorpio: This morning you may have to push a point to gain financially. You enjoy the confidence in your abilities later today.

Sagittarius: Practice does make perfect in presentations & plans. You bring an idea from scattered to accepted as the day progresses.

Capricorn: TMI this morning. Rather than sorting through conflicting advice or opinions, tune into your heart or intuition for success.

Aquarius: If something doesn't feel like a good fit, it isn't. Saying no to so-so allows just right to appear. Worthwhile waiting.

Pisces: Iron out early morning wrinkles of self doubt or practice a personal presentation to step into the spotlight in business.

Today may get off to a scattered or irritating start as the moon in the mutable fire sign of eager, optimistic Sagittarius is held in check by a square aspect to Mars in the mutable earth sign of Virgo. You may experience lateness, communication or transportation snafus, or loose ends coming to light which must be sorted before you can move ahead. Patience, Grasshopper! As the day unfolds, things calm down and begin to move ahead at a happy clip. By this evening, the friendly, social Sagittarius moon forms two supportive sextile aspects that improve your attitude and bring harmony to your relationships. The moon aspects both Saturn in the relationship minded air sign of Libra and the sun in Aquarius conjunct Neptune in Pisces. Some of you may find a friendship takes on romantic overtones, or a romance is infused with that "best friend" feeling. A little bit of flirtation or humor makes socializing enjoyable tonight. Artists, writers, musicians or performers of any kind get an extra creative boost from this evening's stars. The Beatles "Fixing a Hole" expresses the energy of today's planetary patterns.

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