Aries: The moon stirs imagination & increases communication but you may be planning something difficult or improbable.

Taurus: Physical energy or work hours may be what keeps you from doing what you would like or expanding. Wait or adjust.

Gemini: Family or friends take your attention away from work you want to complete, but they want to be with you. Dilemma.

Cancer: Today feels like too many pans in the fire. You may feel a sense of detached observance as things go on around you.

Leo: You find that there are hoops & hurdles on the path to success as you must orchestrate opposing energies toward one goal.

Virgo: A large investment or business move may be what you want but when it arrives, it can still create anxiety or extra effort.

Libra: You may question your own abilities or knowledge today but either find a good source of "how to" or bluff your way through.

Scorpio: Artistic peculiarity or temperament? There may be clashes of taste or interest in romance or friendship - it's not an end, though.

Sagittarius: Address practical considerations of balancing home/family/relationship/work . What, why, who, how, where, when?

Capricorn: The effect of work you've done in writing or speaking doesn't appear to reflect the amount of energy invested yet. Patience.

Aquarius: Remember that money sometimes has to be released to make room for more. This could be a red tape paperwork day.

Pisces: What you want in love or business could be in opposition to whomever you are with today. Putter alone at home, instead?

After a few days of wonderfully calm and supportive aspects between the planets, with a minimal amount of challenging energy, we might want to be on guard today, as the Pisces sun opposes Mars in Virgo and Venus in Aries opposes Saturn in Libra. The simple interpretation of these two oppositions settling in today, for a stay of about five days, is that you may not get things in exactly the way you want, because someone else may not want it to be that way. I had an image appear in my mind of the first few days at the beach in summer when I was a child. It is a very rocky beach, full of all kinds of pebbles, with much more rocks than sand to walk on. The first week of summer was always spent toughening my bare feet on those rocks. The only way to become able to walk barefoot comfortably on that beach was to go through that uncomfortable toughening process. I certainly didn't want to walk on those rocks and feel the pain, but to wear shoes on the beach all summer was unthinkable. After that first week, my feet would become impervious to the pain, until finally, by the end of summer, the trip to town for new school shoes made me cry because I would soon have to put bare summer feet away. The oppositions today, along with a mentally creative Gemini moon, can make things a bit challenging, but you or your plans may be due for a toughening up. The clashes that arise today may help you see things from someone else's point of view, which may not be such a bad thing. Don't we need the feedback and opinions of other people in order to be of service or know how we could improve? Some things seem to happen of their own accord today as energy shifts back and forth. The curious, social Gemini moon could have you asking, "Who, what, when, why, where or how?, all day long.

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