Aries: Just when you would most like to be in charge, you must work as part of a team or group. Be graceful, polite & classy.

Taurus: The impatient energy of , "Something has to give", can bring positive change when you give your energy to creative fun.

Gemini: You cannot force business growth or hard sell to anyone now. Enjoy a day with family or doing what pleases you instead.

Cancer: If you've recently moved, explore your neighborhood & make friends. Job changes due to home changes or vice versa.

Leo: A client or employee may test your ingenuity or takes convincing to accept your original ideas. "It can't be done", CAN be.

Virgo: Mental harmony & shared values are strong in a relationship but someone is moving too fast or boundary issues arise.

Libra: Assure a family member or mate that even though you are busy with professional or personal growth, you still love them.

Scorpio: A "call in sick to work" day. It might be spring fever, a lover, or an active imagination you need time alone with to "treat".

Sagittarius: Leave your credit cards at home when playing with family or friends today. Impulsive spending can get out of hand.

Capricorn: Family may be tired of your work load. "Make time for us!" they demand. You may be coerced into having fun.

Aquarius: Time out for some pleasure, relaxation or entertainment can release pent up stress & open new creative channels.

Pisces: If you're expanding your professional reach or business & need help, choose it as you would shoes & seek a good fit.

The moon in the cardinal air sign of relationship minded Libra draws closer to stabilizing Saturn in Libra as the day progresses, and together, they form a quincunx aspect to the sun in sensitive, inspirational, gentle Pisces. The moon ad Saturn also form a very supportive trine to spiritual, creative, Neptune in Pisces. This is a wonderful energy that can improve social interaction, so that people behave in acceptable ways and exhibit the finer Libra and Pisces qualities, tempered by the wisdom and enduring patience of Saturn, and the tolerance and forgiveness of Neptune. A Grand Trine in the earth signs involving Mars in Virgo, Pluto in Capricorn and Venus conjunct Jupiter in Taurus is saying, "It's all good." It is a good thing that the majority of today's planetary aspects support abundance, pleasure, beauty, harmony and proper social conduct because a square between Mercury, the planet of thought and speech, conjunct unstable Uranus in impatient, arrogant, Aries and potent, disruptive Pluto in Capricorn can bring us in contact with people or situations that rub against the grain or throw a curve ball in our direction. Although it is not Mercury retrograde yet, this aspect can be like a harbinger of the troublesome Mercury retrograde energy that could be on the way. Double check your plans, but be prepared for anything to change. Enjoy the wonderful vibrations of love, creativity and abundance in place now, but be aware and on guard for anything or anyone who may want to undermine plans or disrupt the peace. Lats night, I watched the movie "Thor". Today's Grand Trine in earth and positive lunar Libra aspects remind me of the character of Thor, his friends, and romantic interest. The Mercury/Uranus conjunction in Aries square to Pluto in Capricorn, brings to mind the characters of Loki and Odin. In the end, Thor is victorious, but tempered by the wisdom that comes through loss. Selfish Loki disappears from their reality and Odin gets his kingly power and father/son issues sorted out. Just as the characters in the movie had an almost perfect ending, we should be able to have an almost perfect day with the kind of planetary archetype energy given us.

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