Aries: Your money smarts are working overtime. The ability to see a profitable move in business or investment comes easily.

Taurus: Looking for love? The partner of your dreams may appear - be open & alert. Potential fulfillment of a secret desire.

Gemini : A project at home could finally be competed or a work at home business could become productively organized.

Cancer: Short trips for pleasure with family & friends make memories, or plan a celebration like a graduation or wedding.

Leo: Your work reputation could get a major boost now. Family, your home, or estate benefit from your work or knowledge now.

Virgo: A fact finding mission, shopping trip or community event could lead to finding something - or someone - you've been wanting.

Libra: You may make a wise investment, buy a house or property, or plan a business or trust. A financial change for the better.

Scorpio: This is your "lunar high" & the moon assists other planets to help you excel in connections, creativity & manifesting.

Sagittarius: The Force is with you! Your Higher Self guides you to new opportunities & right actions. You're nearly infallible.

Capricorn: Attend social events in your community or get together with a group that shares your interests. Fun & networking mix.

Aquarius: Begin a gratitude journal or become aware of the abundance that is all around. Imagine you have an all access pass to it.

Pisces: The popularity or demand for your knowledge or talent may surprise you. It's nothing new, but how you present it is special.
The moon in the fixed water sign of perceptive, protective, secretive and intense Scorpio exchanges energy with five planets today and is the peak of a Kite aspect pattern, pulling the energy of the Grand Trine in earth signs to a point of fulfillment, and a participating force in a Mystic Rectangle. I am going to skip over all the "astrologese" and just leave it at this - there is some mighty powerful planetary geometry at work today! Scorpio is ruled by potent Pluto, and the Scorpio moon today is heading into battle with Pluto acting as wing man to one side, and Mars on the other side. Will and determination become something more as Scorpio energy lifts the veil and shows you the power of knowing that which you desire already IS. The point of manifestation lies within. "Use the Force, Luke."

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Dunnea Rae is a professional, experienced astrologer specializing in natal chart interpretation and relationship guidance. She offers her consultations and services through her own site at