Aries: Personal or spiritual transformation is accelerated if you can love & thank the parts of yourself you want to change.

Taurus: You feel most complete when you can be of service to others. If you have psychic or healing skills, accept & share them.

Gemini: People want your skills or knowledge. Income increases when you accept that it is OK to be paid for sharing your passion.

Cancer: Other people may come to you for healing or emotional support. Your presence is calming, uplifting, non-judgmental.

Leo: Science & spirituality merge. You may have a watershed moment that lifts the veil or someone's faith moves you to wisdom.

Virgo: If you can accept that things thwarting you may be blessings in disguise, supportive people & opportunities begin to appear.

Libra: A work environment you love or staying true to your life purpose must come before anyone or anything else now.

Scorpio: A search for spiritual or metaphysical understanding may affect work. You feel there must be more, or a greater purpose.

Sagittarius: A positive investment or business agreement will make the future more abundant but requires work or restraint now.

Capricorn: Roles or schedule at home may change or you consider buying or selling a home to help you follow a career path.

Aquarius: Ask family or a partner to help you while your focus is on work & business development. They want to feel included.

Pisces: "Do what you love & the money will follow", applies. The creativity or healing energy comes before the "perfect" business.

Get your day off to an early start while the moon is in the final degrees of the mutable sign of curious, imaginative Gemini, forming a Grand Trine with inspirational Neptune in Pisces and stabilizing Saturn in Libra. This Grand Trine can help you refine plans, keep your outlook positive and get along well with other people. We can certainly use this extra grace while Venus opposes Saturn, Mars opposes the sun, and the moon is forming a square aspect to Mercury, planet of thoughts and speech, conjunct Uranus, planet of change, in Aries. Any changes made now, and most everything that is happening, may be accompanied by a degree of difficulty or argument - hopefully, not too difficult. It is good to think like a Scout now, and be prepared for anything. Later this morning, the moon enters the cardinal water sign of emotional, protective Cancer. Now, the energy of the oppositions may be perceived as personal since the moon has shifted from a detached sign to an empathetic sign. If it is difficult to get along with someone later today, ask them how they are feeling, or offer them food or a beverage. When the moon transits the sign of Cancer, we become more aware of emotions and our need to express them or have them acknowledged. Cancer is also the sign of feeding and nurturing, and we turn to comfort foods or do more emotional eating during this brief transit. Late this evening, the Cancer moon forms a supportive sextile to optimistic Jupiter in material minded Taurus at the same time the moon moves into an opposition with potent Pluto in reserved Capricorn. You may feel emotional intensity as you review the events of the day, or you may be tired from the sheer quantity of work you accomplished. Pat yourself on the back - or ask someone to rub that tired back - and soak in a hot bath to help you unwind. One of the best ways to process emotions during a water sign moon phase is to be in or near water.

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