Aries: You put your own plans or pleasures on hold for a partner or family. This evening, your sense of humor can dissolve tensions.

Taurus: It's too easy to slip into "Woe is me" or feel thwarted in plans. Tonight, an energizing burst of radical thought arrives.

Gemini: You may feel guilt spending money on play or pleasure, but tonight, a profitable plan or connection eases sense of lack.

Cancer: Someone who says,"Take time away from work for yourself," wants your time! But extra effort pays off surprisingly well.

Leo: If you're stuck in a cloud of drama or delusion, a family member may point out how you've created it - change your mind!

Virgo: Rather than worrying the knots in your mind, retreat to a quiet place, meditate, bless what is & the knots suddenly untie.

Libra: You, and/or a partner are critical of your business or career success, but later tonight, an outsider's view changes this.

Scorpio: You may feel physically fatigued or a lack of true meaning in your work now, but evening brings a dramatic change.

Sagittarius: An organization may not support your business plans, but you find creative ways to make it happen, with or without them.

Capricorn: Family and/or a mate may complain about your work load or drive for success, but a surprise gain changes perspectives.

Aquarius: Technical difficulties in creating something may suddenly be solved when someone says, "I can do that!" Accept help.

Pisces: If you keep looking at what you have as not enough, growth is stalled. Look at potential & ask others for help - WOW!

Lessons in personal responsibility, maturity, and relationship are possible today as the moon in the cardinal water sign of emotional Cancer forms a T-square aspect pattern with pleasure loving Venus in self focused Aries, and restrictive Saturn in partner focused Libra. The negative characteristics of a Cancer moon, such as blame, neediness, wheedling, passive/aggressive behavior, or guilt trips, are likely to appear now. The basic influence of this T-square challenge falls upon self/family/partner, although depending on which area of your own natal chart the planets are transiting, you may experience challenge in terms of your work, career or finances. If you know your rising sign, be sure to read for that as well, and combine both the sun sign and rising sign 'scopes. Later this evening, the moon leaves Cancer and enters the dramatic, creative, fixed fire sign of Leo, where it forms a flowing trine to Mercury, the planet of thought, conjunct Uranus, planet of genius and change, in pioneering Aries. I just searched for the Albert Einstein quote: "Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.", to illustrate what the majority of the day appears to be like energetically. You may feel like you are chasing your own tail as you keep replaying the same loop over and over again. But the lunar trine to Mercury conjunct Uranus in Aries brings sudden illumination, or shift in perspective, that may change things for you this evening. As the moon shifts from the watery realm of Cancer to the fire of Leo, the game is on, and creating a dramatic change is not only possible - it is exhilarating! The way out of the T-square comes about by changing your mind.

"We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them."
Albert Einstein

"Any intelligent fool can make things bigger and more complex... It takes a touch of genius (Mercury conjunct Uranus)* - and a lot of courage (Mercury/Uranus trine to moon in Leo)* to move in the opposite direction (Mercury/Uranus in Aries)*."
Albert Einstein

*added by me ;-)

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