Aries: Where there's a will - and desire - there's a way, even if it seems costly or is a gamble. You can't stop what's in motion now.

Taurus: Speaking your own truth or standing firm in your principles is vital, whether you please others, fit in, are popular, or not.

Gemini: Desiring creative expression, mental freedom, control of your own work & schedule makes you focus on self improvement .

Cancer: Whether applying for a loan or marketing your business, it's your energy you're selling. Power up - feel like royalty.

Leo: Turn your attention away from perceived restrictions or limitations. The moon in your sign gives you power, control & focus now.

Virgo: If you don't like the situation, change the picture. Use desire & imagination to see things as you wish & things will shift.

Libra: Identify your audience or the people with whom who you would like to be associated. Create branding or reputation.

Scorpio: No silent, secretive Scorpio tactics work today. Bold, in your face, demanding or commanding does. Strut your stuff.

Sagittarius: You go one step further to teach, sell, or be of service.
In excess, over the top, outrageous or fun makes money.

Capricorn: Analogy for your day: If you were playing poker, it would be your bluff, not the hand you're dealt, that wins the pot.

Aquarius: "And why not me?" may be the secret question you suppress, but it's that sense of deserving that gets results now.

Pisces: Can you make a business out of playing with friends or entertaining others? Absolutely! What passion can you share?

No matter what the weather is in your locale today, a day of creative fire energy is in store for you as the moon in Leo puts drama, play and passion up front and center. The Leo moon gets extra drive, will power, intent, and even force through a quincunx aspects it forms with powerful Pluto in success driven Capricorn. This Leo moon is especially strong because it is ripening to full and we are sensing an approaching Mercury retrograde period, where forward momentum on projects could be suspended. The moon also squares Jupiter in Taurus early today, and Mars in Virgo opposes the sun in Pisces. But abundant Jupiter in Taurus is feeding Pluto's power with a supportive trine, so you will be trying every which way to make things happen or get what you want, despite the lunar square to Mars. And the Mars/sun opposition, which is not quite telling you why you can't have what you want - but is still being felt like a wet blanket - gets a good, swift kick around lunch time, when the Leo moon forms a semi-sextile to Mars just as the lunar square to Mars fades away. Neptune is encouraging us to do what we want, even if we have to behave out of character or overturn rules and order. Neptune forms a trine to Saturn in Libra, a supportive sextile to Venus and Jupiter in Taurus, and a semi-sextile aspect to Mercury conjunct Uranus in Aries. Venus enters the sign of Taurus today, where it becomes softer, more feminine, sensual, and indulgent. If romantic passion is one of the things the Leo moon is igniting in your life, this evening may heat up and become memorable, as a quincunx develops between the ardent Leo moon and the sensitive, romantic Pisces sun. Affectionate, pleasure loving Venus in sensual Taurus, sextile inspirational Neptune in dreamy, psychic Pisces can make love magical tonight, or any activity that you love, even more delightful. Bruce Springsteen's song, "I'm On Fire" beautifully represents today's energy.

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