Aries: "Nothing but the best" is your motto today in work, creativity or leisure activities. If you are dating, you aim to impress.

Taurus: Share new things you've learned with friends. You may find that you're a natural teacher & there is a demand for a class.

Gemini: Put your creativity or imagination in front of an audience or online. You have more potential than you realize.

Cancer: Spend money on home improvement or travel. A partner may want to entertain friends or join a group activity with you.

Leo: An original or radical idea can change your career or turn your creative energy toward the invention & patent process.

Virgo: You may be helping a partner with business or investment paperwork. Putting money to work for the future is your goal.

Libra: You know you've done your best - now use release & positive expectancy to generate good feedback on your work.

Scorpio: Shades of yesterday's chutzpah linger, but you're kinder & too busy with creative work to hold an attitude now.

Sagittarius: Find creative ways to vacation on the cheap, like house swapping, so you can keep all that money you've been making.

Capricorn: You add fun or creativity to your work day. Letting employees, or family, off the hook on silly rules makes you a hero.

Aquarius: Obviously, if you want better things & more adventures or play in your life, you have to change your mind about receiving.

Pisces: Work is something you may be enjoying as you develop a workshop or build a business now. The creativity uplifts you.

The moon moves through the fixed fire sign of ardent, creative, playful Leo today, free of any major aspects to other planets until late this evening. Do not begin new projects now, but work on completing things you have already begun. Yesterday, the moon was mixing energy with other planets actively all day, but today, things are as calm as can be expected for a fire moon transit. Expect to share smiles and good humor all day, as your schedule feels more open ended and the demands being made on your time seem fewer than yesterday. Tonight, the moon in Leo forms a favorable trine to affectionate, pleasure loving Venus in the sensual sign of Taurus, and a pleasant sextile to Saturn in Libra. Neptune in Pisces forms a trine to Saturn in Libra, and a sextile to Venus in Taurus. These are fantastic aspects for love, pleasure, escapism, fantasy, and creativity, yet the moon opposes Neptune, warning us against excess in pleasurable pursuits (no one enjoys a hangover the next day) or grandiose displays of emotion that may be viewed as a turn off (no one like a suitor who comes on too strong). Another opposition, between Venus and Saturn, cautions us to not take things too seriously, hold expectations that are too high, or place conditions on love. The best directed use of tonight's planetary energy would be to allow just enough awareness that love is really not this sensual, grand and dreamy all the time, while still being present in the moment to enjoy the pleasure - and just enough temperance or moderation of pleasure so you have no regrets tomorrow. The energy this evening also favors constructive, lucid dreaming, so set your intention to have amazingly wonderful dreams before you go to sleep.

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