Aries: Taking on a new role, thinking or behaving in a completely different way than what is normal for you is the right thing to do.

Taurus: A friend or organization may have information or support than can get what you want or need when others say no.

Gemini: Know that you have something extraordinary to give to the world. Are your foundations in place to handle fame?

Cancer: You may be brainstorming on ways to involve friends & family in your work or bringing childcare into the job place.

Leo: Allow people to express their gratitude for what you do by paying you well. Your generosity shouldn't leave you struggling.

Virgo: You could take a trip, get a wish, or make an important connection, but the who or how you expected is not as you planned.

Libra: Shift & transformation could occur in any & all areas of your life, like a domino effect. All for the best, no matter how crazy!

Scorpio: You see the connection between material & spiritual, inner & outer worlds . Your ability to manipulate energy is strong.

Sagittarius: Hard work & positive intent are big enough energy to take any gamble & make it pay off. The crowd will catch up to you.

Capricorn: Having or finding success & satisfaction in your career can mean a complete change in location or personal beliefs.

Aquarius: You could become aware of subconscious beliefs about money or your capacity to be wealthy or successful.

Pisces: When things you've only dreamed of start happening, are you going to jump into the fray or chicken out? Yes, you can!

The planets are sending us a three ring circus today, as the moon in the cardinal air sign of Libra forms an emotionally challenging T-square with potent Pluto in traditional, reserved Capricorn, and Mercury conjunct Uranus in Aries. Libra is a sign that is always seeking perfection in plans and design and harmony in social interactions. This T-square may make a change in our inner or outer world both tantalizing and terrifying, creating a "Should I, or shouldn't I?", dynamic. Are the risks of change worthwhile? If you have not been true to yourself, this energy could also be the tipping of the emotional scales that you have been waiting for, to do what you must, to get back to internal balance. A Grand Trine in earth signs can make things manifest through hard work and positive intentions today. There is a mastery over the physical and material side of things. The planets involved in this beneficial Grand Trine are Mars, the planet of action, in detail oriented, practical Virgo, intensifying, magnetic Pluto in structured, success oriented Capricorn, and the two heavenly "benefics" - Venus, the planet of pleasure and affection, and Jupiter, planet of growth and abundance, loosely conjunct now, in the material minded sign of Taurus. But wait, there's more! A Yod aspect pattern, also called the Hand of God, is formed between the Libra moon aspecting both Venus/Jupiter in Taurus, and Chiron in Pisces. A supportive sextile between Chiron and Venus/Jupiter completes the Yod. Libra and Taurus are both Venus ruled signs that express beauty and harmony, often through the structure of music. When I looked at today's planetary energy, I thought that the perfect balance of a circus juggler performing to music was a fitting symbol for this busy Libra moon. I think I found the perfect video for you! Besides the fantastic juggling and upbeat energy, the lyrics "I've got to get back to the music", are right on the mark.
Get back to your own personal rhythm today and you will master the world around you.

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