Aries: Be discerning when sharing unique view points or original ideas. You may be seen as too weird, or ideas are stolen.

Taurus:You may be successful by other people's standards, but having "made it", you are restless to excel & explore further.

Gemini: Take time to retreat & reconnect with a partner. The workload won't get lighter if you skip rest, you will just burn out.

Cancer: Combine original creativity with either luxury or practical durability & you have the perfect formula for success now.

Leo: Your mind is overflowing with business ideas but explore new intimate frontiers, as well. A romantic vacation weekend?

Virgo: Working out the details of your new life routine, home improvement or freelance job energizes you but rest & play, too.

Libra: If your intuition is blocked, you're out of flow or tired, break routine, make an entertaining escape with a partner.

Scorpio: A mate or partner may challenge you to change for the better or to assert yourself, champion your own ideas.

Sagittarius: Communicate the emotional benefits of your ideas before the technical details if you seek ease of acceptance.

Capricorn: When planning summer vacation, consider a break with tradition. New scenery or experiences can inspire you.

Aquarius: Good news - more money! But work & popularity are increasing, too. Time alone & with a mate is a must for sanity.

Pisces: Folks say, "You want to do WHAT?! Are you crazy?" The planets are a launching pad for dreams now - DO IT.

With the moon in the fixed air sign of Aquarius today forming a sextile to it's ruling planet, Uranus in Aries, as well as a square aspect to Mercury in Taurus, there is an element of craziness in the air. It is a day to work hard at an original, untested or contested idea. It is a day to bet on the dark horse. Like any other moon in Aquarius day, you can expect the unexpected or unusual to pop up in your life or in the world at large, but with two other oppositions in place that can affect transmission and comprehension of communication, I suggest you suspend judgment (Mercury in Taurus opposing Saturn in Libra) and doubt (Mars in Virgo opposing Neptune in Pisces) for the time being. Love and romance get a boost from Venus in Gemini forming a trine to both dreamy, sentimental, Neptune in Pisces and socially correct Saturn in relationship minded Libra. Dating is full of stimulating conversation, flirting and play now. Even settled relationships can enjoy a fresh infusion of love now while this Grand Trine of planets support the tingling, tantalizing early stage feeling of romance. Another Grand Trine, involving Mercury in Taurus, Mars in Virgo and Pluto in Capricorn is cracking the work whip. You may feel a strong drive to get ahead and to go the extra mile. The days may be longer and the calendar fuller now of all the things you must do or should do. It is important to give equal time to emotional and sensual pleasure and the enjoyment of sharing time with people in a meaningful or leisurely way. The work will still be there when you return from R&R, a romantic escape, or a family adventure - and what is the point of all that extra money if you can't use it to create memories?

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Dunnea Rae is a professional astrologer with over 20 years of experience in natal chart interpretation and relationship analysis. She offers her services at