Aries: Nothing & nobody can prevent you from following your dreams today. The moon in your sign fans your fire higher.

Taurus: Creative work you are doing for a friend or just for fun has "winner" energy & leads to personal recognition.

Gemini: Friends can be a source of both fun & frustration as they create changes in your schedule. Adapt, don't resist.

Cancer: Who is king or queen today? Like it or not - you are! Keep arrogance in check & practice kind benevolence.

Leo: It may be time for a student/teacher, master/apprentice dynamic to break or shift. A threshold in learning is reached.

Virgo: You are prepared to argue, prove a point, seal a deal. The only backing down I see is you walking off with a win.

Libra: Are you peevish over how things aren't as you wish? Accept it as a passing expression of your energy - move on.

Scorpio: Fears or friction that accompany big opportunity & positive change may test your resolve. "Lions, tigers, bears, oh, my!"

Sagittarius: Roll extra money into business or long term investment. If spent on flash in the pan, the thrill leaves very fast.

Capricorn: This may be a watershed day for personal transformation, healing, change of mind or location. Enlightenment?

Aquarius: It's not a method or a mindset that brings greater wealth now - it's vibration. How does limitless wealth feel to you?

Pisces: If you can't decide on how to apply money to business or your future, spend on family or home - or save it & wait.

The moon in the cardinal fire sign of pioneering, assertive Aries challenges reserved, structured Saturn in the relationship minded, perfection seeking sign of Libra today. I suspect many people will reach a point of breakage from someone or something today, and that will ultimately be a good thing for all concerned, although it may look like a mess at the time or emotions get a bit volatile. Emotions are more likely to be extreme if they are suppressed and I advise telling others how you feel now, even if honesty is not what the other person expects to hear. For those of you who "can't say no", today is a perfect day to assert yourself and say "No". Begin sending direct messages to other people and the Universe about what you truly want and those things will materialize faster. There are still two extremely favorable Grand Trines in place to help you achieve success and make things flow more easily, in general, but today the squares and oppositions are like the bones a dog would enjoy gnawing on. We've been feeling those trines, so they are already well integrated into our system and are easily overlooked. The squares and oppositions are the wrinkles in the fabric of our lives that call out for ironing. The most important one involving the moon and Saturn is pushing us to say, "Enough!" to something or someone or to recognize our own needs and desires, independent of all the "shoulds" and other people's opinions. Pluto square Uranus indicates that change, upheaval and transformation cannot be avoided. With the sun conjunct Jupiter in Taurus square to Neptune in Pisces, we may not be able to see that the current changes are actually for the better, that we are moving forward (especially if we feel we have fallen from a higher place or off the path entirely) but we have to keep believing and expecting our highest good will come to us, no matter what the outer appearance of things may be at this point in time. I am seeing the symbol of a spiral and we are on the inner curves of the spiral, where we move back and forth very quickly, but the motion is still forward, even though it appears otherwise. If you are fortunate to live near a labyrinth, you may find that walking it's winding paths now will help you find that point of calm balance that is within you.

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Dunnea Rae is a professional astrologer with over 20 years of experience in natal chart interpretation and relationship analysis. She offers her services at