Aries: Details, fussy, or antiquated rules may hold up progress, but you must untangle knots in order to knit new things together.

Taurus: Every Taurus is an artist of some kind. Indulge in that art today, show the world what you can do or market that talent.

Gemini: Keep your sights set on personal or home improvement. You are already blessed & there is room for more blessings.

Cancer: Get a manifestation committee or Master Mind group going among friends or coworkers. Power of "E pluribus unum"

Leo: You may meet with criticism or difficult people, but this is no reflection of who you are or your work, just their own "stuff".

Virgo: You may receive good advice about money, romance, your future direction or get confirmation of things you've felt.

Libra: Share psychic impressions or spiritual views. Someone who you thought might think you're odd, may be as odd as you!

Scorpio: Working with a group or attending a large gathering brings you new opportunity for profit or love. Think experimentally.

Sagittarius: Putting your creative energy into work may be more satisfying that trying to get family or partner to share your vision.

Capricorn: Travel may be related to family affairs now or you could be looking to relocate. Gather information today.

Aquarius: A day of self examination. Your mood & view of life may change like a chameleon. What makes you feel secure?

Pisces: Changes in views of love/relationship. Maybe you've had enough of something/someone or want more. Speak up.

The moon in the mutable earth sign of Virgo today helps us take care of things that are necessary or need our attention. An opposition between the moon in Virgo and Mercury in Aries that occurs later indicates your view of what is necessary may change or you are impatient about the who, what, when, where, why that seems to be outside of your own control, as indicated by the square between Pluto in Capricorn and both Mercury and Uranus in Aries. Another square, between Venus in Gemini and the moon could make you sense a shadow of disappointment before there is anything to be disappointed about, and an opposition between Saturn in Libra and Mercury in Aries, could make you look around and think that others have what we want - why don't you have that? - or that they don't have the same problems in their life as you do. We all know the perils of being too critical or too judgmental. Thankfully, the moon also forms a very favorable trine to both the sun and Jupiter in Taurus today, which can help you gain stability and figure out what is best for you. What is best for you, is usually best for everyone else, in the long run. If you modify yourself or suppress yourself too much, you are cheating yourself of the good things and people your true self would attract - those that are best for you - and cheating others of the fullness of you.

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