The approaching new moon energy may be highly energizing early today, much like the feel of an electrical charge in the air that accompanies an approaching thunderstorm. The moon continues to move through the fixed air sign of inventive, intelligent Aquarius until later this afternoon, when it enters the mutable water sign of sensitive, intuitive and inspirational Pisces, and joins the sun, Chiron, and Neptune - the ruling planet of Pisces. Mercury, the planet of thought, is also in the sign of Pisces, but outside of the conjunction of sun/moon/Chiron/Neptune. I feel that this new moon joining forces with the transpersonal planetary ruler of Pisces will have a strong affect on society and human consciousness, and may bring issues of equality, tolerance, compassion and truth to the fore, because Saturn, the taskmaster, teacher of wisdom and discipline, in the cardinal sign of relationship minded Libra is trine to the new moon. Pisces and Neptune govern the 12th house of the zodiac wheel, the final house in a progression of emotional and spiritual awareness. The 12th house traditionally rules prisons, hospitals, monasteries, addictions, meditation, psychic abilities, spirituality, the subconscious and the collective of society. It is the 3rd of the three water ruled houses. In the 4th house of the chart, ruled by the cardinal water sign of Cancer, psychological foundations and personal beliefs or family influences that shape the psyche are the focus. In the 8th house, ruled by the fixed water sign of Scorpio, issues of boundaries, merging and shared resources are key, since the 8th house rules sex, death, taxes, metaphysics, investments, inheritance and business partnerships. In the 12th house, we are still swimming in a deep water house emotionally, but we merge with a group, or all that is. If we open our hearts fully and suspend disbelief, miracles or healing can occur or we can tap into higher dimensions.

I woke in the wee hours last night and lay wide awake in the deep dark and quiet thinking of all the people I know who have passed on to their next stage of life, through the door of death. I know there is eternal life, because I had a profound experience when I was young, not long after my grandmother died. Her spirit came to visit me when she died, and she told me she was leaving, but that she would always be with me. I was young enough to not be upset by death itself, nor did I really know what it was. The reactions and behavior of other people around me taught me to feel the loss and pain of death. One night, not long after my grandmother died, I lay awake, crying, and felt that cosmic "Why?". Suddenly, I found myself in space surrounded by stars and saw an enormous infinity sign. I didn't know what I was looking at, at that time, and didn't learn the meaning of the symbol until I was older, but I was instantly filled with a deep sense of calm and knowing, which I can only call "the peace that passes understanding". In that moment, everything was perfect. The rest of my life to date, has felt like a moving back to that state of enlightenment.

No such enlightened moment came to me last night as I felt the souls of friends and family in another dimension. I felt a deep sadness for the works of their lives that seem to have been forgotten. And I wondered why some souls who come here, and their works, are remembered through successive generations of humanity and others seem to be like the ripples of water in a pond that disappear a short time after the thrown rock sinks to the bottom of the pond. I personally choose to believe that the ripples go on in a place we just cannot see yet.

Kevin Brockmeier's book, "The Brief History of the Dead", is a deeply moving story to help you navigate 12th house territory at this new moon. If you choose your books based only on reviews you read, then I would caution you to suspend that practice when considering this book. There are metaphysical and spiritual layers to this story which are subtle and might only be seen if you have the eyes to see - and maybe you will gain a clearer sight. This new moon may affect us all profoundly in how we choose to approach life and the future on the spiritual and emotional level. We cannot make that decision without considering our ancestors, our past, our own mortality, society, and all that is. Neptune/Pisces symbolism is that of victim, savior and martyr. We can be all or any of them depending on what we choose. Brockmeier's story is full of Neptune/Pisces and 12th house symbolism.

To know what area of your chart is being affected by this new moon, read below. Also read for your rising sign, or ascendant, for the best accuracy. Be open and entertain all possibilities as you make plans for a new cycle.

12th house of the subconscious, dream state, meditation, spirituality, the collective of society, addictions, places of retreat or healing such as prisons, hospitals, monasteries, ashrams, etc.

11th house of friends, groups, organizations, wish fulfillment, social networking online, the stage, gallery or audience, fame, popularity.

10th house of career, reputation, titles and authority, success in society, mastery, your home away from home or here you express parental energy in an employment situation.

9th house of higher education, writing, publishing, teaching, philosophy, information gathering, foreign travel, other cultures, expanding personal horizons.

8th house of sex, intimacy, death, taxes, insurance, investment, inheritance, business partnership, legal binding contracts and their undoing - such as divorce - the dissolving of boundaries between people, metaphysics.

7th house of marriage, partnership, hidden enemies or hidden aspects of yourself.

6th house of health, hygiene, habits, dharmic work, purpose, service related work.

5th house of creativity, children, pets, the arts, fun, gambling, competitive games, crafts, hobbies, gardening, entertainment, vacations, cooking - anything creative and pleasurable.

4th house of home, family, psychological foundations, core beliefs, sometimes the mother, but can represent either parent.

3rd house of imagination, formative thoughts, communication, siblings, early childhood education, neighbors and neighborhood, local travel, politics and sales work.

2nd house of money, personal values and how you express them, self worth.

1st house of self, the image you present physically and the energy you project to others, how you identify yourself.

"Return to Innocence" by Enigma is a beautiful representation of this new moon in Pisces energy.

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