Aries: Rubbing people the wrong way is unavoidable today as your creative genius pushes for changes at work. You upstart, you!

Taurus: Fill boring travel time with books on tape. If you don't have to drive, escape in hypnosis or mediation CDs en route.

Gemini: Clinically streamline work. Clean up areas that have become sloppy or eliminate time wasting methods that offer no returns.

Cancer: You or a mate may suggest a sound financial change or investment. At first, one of you may resist, but logic wins out.

Leo: Work leaves you with no time for romance or rest, or you feel your mate could be doing more. Replace criticism with love.

Virgo: A major life or business change you are about to make may be making you anxious. Music, a hobby or a friend calms you.

Libra: Part of business & earning money is the expansion & enjoyment it affords. A mate may encourage spending.

Scorpio: Sales work or self promotion may make you feel shy or exposed but it can bring immediate changes in income.

Sagittarius: Can you take a vacation? Reality is unappealing now & others may not agree with your fantastical view of things.

Capricorn: You may have to put a grand spin on a presentation or pitch for financial support. Folks are scared to spend/lend.

Aquarius: Popularity, fame or demands on your time could occur just when you would like time out, possibly with your mate.

Pisces: An opportunity to teach, learn, travel & expand financially may scare you. Isn't this what you've been striving for?

The moon in the cardinal sign of Capricorn receives some minor resistance this morning as it forms a short lived square to Saturn in Libra. You may be raring to go while you must wait on someone else, or it could be you are the one holding up the works while people wait for you. Don't worry, extra get up and go comes later this morning through a quincunx between the Capricorn moon and Mars in Leo. That turbo boost is unstoppable as it receives staying power from a Mars/Saturn sextile. Take on the tough stuff today while the planets give strength, courage and a mindset of invincibility. The trine between Venus conjunct Mercury in Scorpio and Uranus in Aries will stimulate a desire to look in new and unproven directions. What have you been afraid to do? Do it now.

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