Aries: Full moon increases a desire to be more financially secure. Your intuition & discernment help you find ways & means.

Taurus: Full moon encourages you to determine what is best for you, especially in relationship. Honesty & revelations ensue.

Gemini: Full moon tells you to take time for yourself physically, emotionally, spiritually. Self preservation is not selfish.

Cancer: Full moon suggests that friendships or affiliations with pain & no gain be released. Weed out wasteful activities, too.

Leo: Full moon helps you clarify work you will or won't accept & helps you stand firm in charging for it or collecting pay.

Virgo: Full moon helps you dig out important information or detect lies. You uncover truth or see your own denials.

Libra: Full moon says it is time to affirm your worth by getting real on money, investments, insurance, wills, estate plans.

Scorpio: Full moon centers on "you" in relationships. Do you invest enough time & emotion or receive enough in return?

Sagittarius: Full moon may cause you to question work purpose beyond profit. Do you feel fulfilled? If not, how can you be?

Capricorn: Full moon triggers creativity & the desire to share it with others. Overcome stage fright or fear of criticism.

Aquarius: Full moon suggests that the only true security of home or job is what you establish for yourself. Resourcefulness.

Pisces: Full moon says you have what it takes to write, teach, learn or travel. Intentions & resolutions make plans solidify.

The full moon in the fixed earth sign of Taurus opposes the sun in the fixed water sign of Scorpio today. The "how" of materialization comes to us now in whatever area of life the full moon happens to be highlighting in our natal charts. "Where there is a will, there is a way" is a good thing to remember now. Strength, persistence, endurance, penetration, investigation, elimination, grounding, are Scorpio/Taurus words. Read your horoscope for both your rising sign and sun sign to get an idea of how this full moon may affect you. Where do you need to get down to essentials? What is most vitality important to make you feel secure? How can you go about reinforcing physical, mental or emotional stability? This full moon is a good time for bringing things that just don't serve you - like a negative habit - to a close and putting positive behaviors or plans into place. Trust, integrity, honor, authenticity and gratitude are some other words to meditate on now. It is a good time to put yourself back on track in any area where you may feel you have wandered off course. Do or say what you know to be right. Surround yourself with friends and family who encourage you to be your best and honor your relationships by supporting others to do what is right and best for them, as well.

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Dunnea Rae is a professional, experienced astrologer specializing in natal chart interpretation and relationship guidance. She offers her consultations and services through her own site at