Aries: If you are traveling with a partner today or planning a business idea, your alternate way of looking at things is a plus.

Taurus: How you make money or spend money could be revised to include involving more people & having a good time.

Gemini: Your creativity cap is on. Plans develop on paper & as projects done in real time, while you dream up even more.

Cancer: Putter at home with family & kids or hobbies. Invite friends over or catch up with phone calls & email. Soul satisfaction.

Leo: Communicating or socializing with friends or neighbors as you glide through an active day may bring new work your way.

Virgo: More money or ideas for increased income flow easily when you look at what you naturally enjoy doing & promote it.

Libra: A truth or self awareness realized, a goal or pinnacle of life reached makes you feel whole & complete. Internal reward.

Scorpio: You are running on all cylinders in a defined direction & you have a firm belief in you ultimate success now. Power.

Sagittarius: Consider investing time & money in communication technology or services that provide connections or info.

Capricorn: Financial gain & personal growth comes from future variables or potentials found by increasing creativity.

Aquarius: A creative idea applied to business or turning a favorite hobby into a career can be more lucrative than you imagined.

Pisces: Planning family holiday events? You can get everyone inspired & in agreement today. This goes for work plans, too.

The moon in the mutable air sign of Gemini receives favorable support through a trine aspect from Saturn in the cardinal air sign of relationship minded Libra. The moon also forms a quincunx to the sun in Scorpio, and the sun forms a semi-sextile to Saturn. People will communicate clearly today and get along well, for the most part. Differences can be worked out expediently so that harmony and productivity are not threatened. Mars in practical, detail oriented Virgo is still busily involved with Jupiter in Taurus, Uranus in Aries, and Neptune in Aquarius conjunct Chiron in Pisces. Jupiter in Taurus is still working hard to make things bigger, better and more profitable through a trine to Pluto in Capricorn. As I mentioned in Scorpio's horoscope for today, the feeling of increased power and running smoothly on all cylinders is created by today's energy patterns. Yes, we still have Mars in Virgo opposing Neptune in Aquarius, but the doubt, worry or confusion that opposition can potentially create is overridden or held in check by the presence of all the positive support we have all day. Tonight, the lighthearted Gemini moon trines Neptune in Aquarius. Fun with friends, sharing of dreams, or flirting, while out enjoying social events or entertaining activities is on tap. Yes, go bowling, see if there are still tickets for that show, do some early holiday shopping, have friends over for a game night or movie. Everyone has plenty to talk about, and it is upbeat.

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Dunnea Rae is a professional, experienced astrologer specializing in natal chart interpretation and relationship guidance. She offers her consultations and services through her own site at