Aries: Wheeling & dealing! You are inspired, quick thinking & smooth talking now. Use your edge wisely & increase income.

Taurus: A day for rest & review before the moon enters your sign & a change or new cycle begins after a decision is reached.

Gemini: Communication & socializing with people generates ideas, opportunities & enthusiasm. Things are on an upswing.

Cancer: Iron fist in a velvet glove. Your leadership skills are cloaked in friendly charm & genial persuasion. Folks follow, willingly.

Leo: Coincidence, serendipity, new connections bring good things quickly. Think to yourself, "This, or something better."

Virgo: Negotiations on a property deal, a business plan or investment could happen unexpectedly & move ahead swiftly.

Libra: People are more eager to cooperate or please you when you find things to like about them. Compliments & manners work.

Scorpio: A recent change in your work environment or work methods now shows a financial & emotional reward. Celebrate!

Sagittarius: You are team captain at work or play now. Your enthusiasm & optimism motivates others to shift their energy.

Capricorn: Self awareness & exploration of spirituality & metaphysics comes before facts, figures.
Others find you unpredictable.

Aquarius: Discuss ideas or needs with a group or organization. Exceptions to rules & multiple options are possible now.

Pisces: Ideas, products or services you present are well received. Any requests you make for help or money should be granted.

The moon in the cardinal fire sign of Aries is aggressively assertive and hopeful today as it trines Venus and Mercury conjunct in the fire sign of Sagittarius. There is no "no" to be seen anywhere while this moon/Venus/Mercury trine can't even comprehend anything less than what it wants and expects to receive. Greedy? Selfish? Not really. Sagittarius energy is a benevolent, inclusive, best buddy sign that wants to share. The Aries moon may expect to be satisfied today and is notoriously self centered, but no matter what the situation, everyone wins when they interact. The Universe has the expectation and the means of fulfillment in alignment now. This is a wonderful aspect for sales work because the seller will find the right buyer and the buyer will be happy with the purchase. Why shouldn't everyone have what they most desire? What can't we all be happy? Today reminds me of the Burger King slogan, "Have it your way." Later this afternoon, the Aries moon forms a quincunx to the sun in Scorpio. This is an aspect that can be felt in a negative or positive way, depending on your own attitude or beliefs around receiving. You can be grateful for having received something wonderful and accept that you are worthy to receive it, or you may feel somehow wrong or bad for having received something good. If you have that feeling of uneasiness associated with receiving, now is a perfect time to clear that up once and for all. You may enjoy a visit at The Intenders site,, where the following words are a basis for a powerful, but simple process that could help you in your clearing work:
"We understand that our desires are in us to be fulfilled and that our thoughts create our world."

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