Aries: Others may be more impressed by your apparent maturity or stability than by originality or creativity. Blend qualities.

Taurus: You judge yourself more harshly than you would others, now. Take a quiet time for rest & integration of changes.

Gemini: Work aversion is possible. You are more interested in creativity & communication than completion of mundane tasks.

Cancer : You may feel guilty that you are making money at work instead of memories with family. Are there work at home options?

Leo: Be sure alternative or unusual solutions to problems are correct. Halfway, stop gap or substitutions won't last long term.

Virgo: Impulsive moves with money or buying based on eye appeal without looking at durability may be a costly mistake.

Libra: Agree to disagree & remind yourself that "There is no accounting for tastes" or you may be viewed as a social snob.

Scorpio: You could want your plans or projects at work to progress quickly but it may feel like two steps forward, one back.

Sagittarius: Watch your sense of humor today in mixed company. Not everyone gets it or some find your joking inappropriate.

Capricorn : Time for a more balanced schedule for work & family or a reality check on future plans for business or home expansion.

Aquarius: If you question what you already know or have stated, then expect others to begin questioning you or doubting you.

Pisces: Wait a day on financial decisions. If you must choose, look for eagerness & kindness, not image & promises.

The moon in the cardinal fire sign of Aries opposes Saturn in the relationship minded air sign of Libra today. Form, protocol, etiquette, manners, rules, may chafe or irritate, but when necessary, should be remembered and observed. This is an energy pattern of controlled smiles that don't always match the message in the eyes. The tendency to be overly critical or annoyingly precise is possible. People may also be doing a lot of comparing today. It is wonderful to use this opposition in situations where you must look at the advantages and disadvantages between two things with the main question being, "What is best for me?" but it is not good when this opposition causes you to compare yourself to others, in a negative light. Comparing yourself to another, or another to your own arbitrary list of what is bad won't help you or the other person and stalls the potential refining and beautifying energy of this moon/Saturn opposition. Yesterday was so wonderfully cooperative, but today is not. This evening, around dinner time, the energy lightens up as the Aries moon forms a trine to Mars in Leo, and also, a sextile to Neptune in Aquarius. With the moon/Saturn opposition behind you, you can now connect with friends and enjoy each other without the critical overtone that was present during day time hours. Couples who may have been on the outs or out of sync can kiss and make up tonight. We all have that blind spot that love produces, thanks to Mars opposing Neptune at the same time Mars trines the Aries moon. A little bit of creative unreality, such as escaping into a movie or music, while enjoying a glass of wine, can be a good thing.

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