Aries: A fresh start is imminent as full moon tension builds. "No better time than now" helps you pursue true dreams.

Taurus: Other people, especially a partner, may push buttons that open up your awareness of yourself & how you "tick".

Gemini: You could be a wayshower for others now. Your keen perception is riding a wave into the future. Trendsetter.

Cancer: You could craft an unusual & creative niche for yourself now. If the perfect job title doesn't exist for you, establish it now.

Leo: Family needs may create interruptions in your day. Extra communication or trips in & out take time, curb impatience.

Virgo: A surprise or necessary change surrounding business or finances turns things in a new, better direction. Trust intuition.

Libra: Are you thinking of asking someone out or proposing? Do it now. A change in relationship or opening to love is possible.

Scorpio: A sudden, healing shift on the emotional & spiritual level may occur. Positive health or employment changes possible.

Sagittarius: If a job offer involves travel, accept it, or create a vacation. Give in to your wanderlust & desire to meet new people.

Capricorn: Have a parent/child special event today, no matter how old you are. Museum? Sightseeing? Bridge generations.

Aquarius: An unusual job may be offered to you or you could discover the one unique thing you do best & how to market it.

Pisces: Good news about money arrives or you suddenly see a profit from teaching or writing. Others find the money for school.

The moon in the cardinal fire sign of Aries today gets an extra dose of unpredictability and impatience when it joins Uranus in Aries. Together, the moon/Uranus conjunction in Aries forms a quincunx to Venus in Libra. Libra scales can be indecisive and swing either way. A quincunx is also a potentially uncertain aspect, neither all good or all bad. Expect everyone to go through mood swings or changes of mind very quickly today. The positive side to this aspect pattern that I see is that minds may be opened wider to truth now and people will be forced to look at another point of view.

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