Aries: Business negotiations, financial plans, sales work are constructive & profitable now. Determine core essentials, stay on track.

Taurus: Self assertion or expression helps you gain. Believe in yourself - ask for what you deserve or blow your own horn.

Gemini: Your psychic ability is strong now. Ask for guidance, watch & listen for signs, then act on what you receive. No doubt!

Cancer: Say "yes" today when anyone offers help or extends an invitation. Your social circle expands & brings opportunity.

Leo: A work at home or self employment business can be ideal & profitable now. How can you serve others & yourself well?

Virgo: You are much closer to seeing a dream realized now. Communicate your desires firmly, with attention to detail.

Libra: A good money, investment or property opportunity presents itself but nothing will happen if you don't act on it.

Scorpio: When you tell someone you love them, you risk rejection but how wonderful would it be if they love you, too?

Sagittarius: Do you feel what you do is important? A sense of purpose at work can foster excellence & an increased income.

Capricorn: Play & entertainment shared with friends, a group, or kids is no waste of time. Relaxation & fun restore vitality.

Aquarius: Being grounded & productive means integrating & accepting your intuitive & feeling nature as much as your intellect.

Pisces: Yes, people are receptive to your healing, teaching & creativity. Don't hold back - pour all your feeling & imagination out!

The moon in the fixed earth sign of productive, sensual and materially minded Taurus joins abundant, optimistic Jupiter in Taurus today. Together, the moon and Jupiter form a favorable trine to potent Pluto in success oriented Capricorn. We have the right planetary chemistry to get things accomplished now or to manifest material things. The moon and Jupiter are also opposing Venus and Mercury conjunct in the fixed water sign of Scorpio. A positive effect of this opposition is that you will examine opportunities carefully before investing money or time in them. The negative side to this opposition is the tendency to be distrustful, suspicious or doubtful of something or someone who may be very good for you now. Rather than accept an opportunity for growth and potential success, you may be tempted to look at the dark side of "What if...?" or your own past failures. If you choose to use past failure as a platform for the present, I can predict your future results no matter how wonderful the rest of today's aspects appear.
Mercury and Venus in Scorpio are also forming a very supportive trine to Neptune in Aquarius conjunct Chiron in Pisces. Transcendence, healing, forgiveness, faith and the power of imagination are on call for you today. If you choose to use any of them, you will win the battle against the negativity which could derail you and keep you from manifesting wonderful things, opportunities or relationships today.

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