Aries: Full moon lights up relationship issues such as honoring yourself while maintaining integrity & honesty with another.

Taurus: Full moon brings an understanding of mind/body connection. You open to self healing or acceptance of who you are.

Gemini: Full moon emphasizes expressing your own unique creativity without becoming generic. Rise to an opportunity.

Cancer: Full moon has you looking at the balance of work & home life, possible parent issues or logistics of self employment.

Leo: Full moon has you communicating your thoughts or seeking information for your needs, while being considerate of others.

Virgo: Full moon helps you examine every pro & con of a financial arrangement or business deal to reach perfection.

Libra: Full moon brings changes in love. The biggest surprise may be your decision to be true to yourself, accepting only the best.

Scorpio: Full moon says, "Know Thyself" & then accept that you know what is best for you. Look within for your purpose.

Sagittarius: Full moon shows you the value of friendships, networking or group affiliations & the balance of giving & receiving.

Capricorn: Full moon makes you aware you can only do your best. Accept yourself & create your own criteria for success.

Aquarius: Full moon suggests that the best way to master something is to teach it. Take your ideas/words out to others.

Pisces: Full moon highlights personal responsibility in finances & your part in shared marriage or business resources.

The full moon takes place this evening in the cardinal fire sign of Aries. The pioneering, direct sign of Aries says, "I am", so the full moon will activate self examination and identification. Aries is an active fire sign that wants to be ahead of pack and likes to know that others are looking at them and emulating them. The sun, opposing the moon now, and conjunct reserved and serious Saturn, is in the cardinal air sign of relationship minded Libra. All the signs will be viewing some area of life through the lens of I/we, me/you. If you know your ascendant, also called the rising sign, the you can look to see what houses, or areas of life, will be experiencing the full moon energy and sun/Saturn energy. Finding the right balance between yourself and others is the primary focus now. Full moon is usually a time of culmination or endings. Because Aries is an initiating sign and Libra is a sign of mental strategy, any endings you have now may come about because you already see the potential in something different or new and have formulated a plan or come to a decision that will help you move past this ending quickly and get on with things. A trine between the Aries moon and the action oriented planet Mars in courageous, creative Leo early today is like a trumpet call to prepare to charge ahead. Now it is time to communicate and initiate. The fire/air energy present now will accelerate this full moon energy and make you forget it almost as quickly as your new plans take off like wildfire.

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