Aries: Business success could hinge on capital or backers. "It takes money to make money.", holds true. Seek funding.

Taurus: A dream job or ideal career can still require doing mundane work or boring things to keep the money coming in.

Gemini: An inspiration or manifestation is so close, but not quite in your mind or reality yet. Energy moves ahead tonight.

Cancer: Just as your time feels very limited, a friend or group could ask for your support, help or even the use of your home. Patience!

Leo: If you have invested money in a business, you could be eager to put it to use, but others lag or there is an adjustment phase.

Virgo: There could be delay between idea & manifestation or order & delivery. If you are in sales, people may hesitate to buy.

Libra: You may have to trust in someone previously unreliable - 2nd chance? - or make an uncertain business move or investment.

Scorpio: Despite chance of deception or disappointment - you still must follow your heart or give someone the benefit of doubt.

Sagittarius: Something may not go according to plan, especially for work at home folks. Don't give up - wait, try again, or adjust.

Capricorn: To make a sale or business deal, or see a creative project launched, you may have to downsize expectation or profit.

Aquarius: There are other things you might like to do with your mind or time, but caring for home, family, chores come first.

Pisces: Fish out of water! Your beliefs & thoughts could rub others the wrong way now or you have energy overload. Breathe!

A potpourri of conflicting or confusing energy that eventually turns upbeat makes today a strange day. The moon continues its course through the steady, grounded earth sign of Taurus, and as it enters the final degrees of the sign, you may feel that something should be manifesting or come to a completion. The energy of the materially minded Taurus moon is being affected, though, by a quincunx aspect it forms with Saturn in Libra and a challenging square it forms to Neptune in Aquarius. Other people may not be cooperative or even in the same playing field now. There could be strange delays, unanticipated problems, vagueness, confusion or lack of trust that throws a monkey wrench in the works. In order for something to manifest, reach agreement, or completion, you may have to change your expectations, adapt to situations, make allowances or sacrifices or take a leap of faith. This evening, those lunar aspects fade and the moon enters the mutable air sign of Gemini, where it form a sextile to Uranus in Aries. Now the quincunx between Uranus in Aries and Saturn in Libra is stimulated. The moon also forms a semi-sextile to expansive Jupiter. You may feel restless and eager to play or find some mentally entertaining distraction, like video games, to help you unwind before bed tonight. With Venus in Pisces opposing Mars in Virgo, stereotypical male/female jokes may be exchanged by email today among friends. It can be a stimulating evening, socially, if you get together with friends for conversation or poker, but keep the energy light. If conversation turns to emotionally charged subjects like politics or religion, steer the focus back to a positive outlook for change and a better future, without expressing strong opinions or dogma.

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