Best Lip Balms for Men to Heal Your Chapped Lips

40The majority of men wants to take care of themselves. They’re careful about what they eat, go workout, pay mind to their grooming (especially when it comes to their skin, hair and beard). Unfortunately, men don’t typically think about giving the same care to their lips as they do to the rest of their body.

Here’s the reality – red, flaky, chapped or cracked lips are not sexy. Moreover, dry lips can be painful and even cause bleeding. Thankfully, there are several lip balms that can be used that will make a man’s lips look and feel amazing. It is an easy and simple way to achieve an advantage in terms of health and attraction, something that anyone can do that takes a minimum of time and investment.

The problem with trying to find the best chapstick for men is that there are so many to choose from. It’s easy to get overwhelmed and confused about which ones are ideal to go with. Worry no more! Below is a list of the best lip balms for men that can be used to relieve their irritated, chapped and dry lips.

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Jack Black – Intense Therapy Lip Balm

This is one of the best chapsticks for men you will find on the market, as it provides an SPF 25 protection from damaging sun rays and protects your lips from extreme temperatures and windburn. It has antioxidants, green tea, vitamin E and skin conditioners that can help alleviate the pain that can come with dry, irritated, chapped and cracked lips.

The list below is some of the best lip balms for men you’ll find on the market in 2019. We’ll let you know which chapsticks to buy, how to use it correctly and the difference in the kinds of best chapsticks for men.

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The Best Lip Balm for Men to Wear in Summer

Jack Black – Intense Therapy Lip Balm SPF 25 - Asin B000MIH34Q

Jack Black entered the market about 20 years ago – at a time when most skincare companies were focused on making products for women – to meet men’s needs and desire for healthy skin. Jack Black listened closely to what their customers have to say, finding out what men wanted and what they didn’t want.

And, it’s for that reason, you’ll see the name Jack Black appear in many reviews for best male grooming products – lip balms included. For example, the Intense Therapy Lip Balm SPF 25 is one of the best lip balms for men on the market.

What makes this Jack Black lip balm so great are the natural ingredients it comes with such as:

▪ Shea butter
▪ Avocado oil
▪ Cocoa butter
▪ Green tea leaf extract
▪ Beeswax
▪ Vitamin E

This Jack Black product has antioxidants that can soothe and repair lips that are dry and cracked.

On top of that, it offers sunscreen SPF 25, which means your lips are protected in all weather conditions - be it a cold, cold morning in January or a hot summer afternoon.

Jack Black’s Intense Therapy Lip Balm for men is easy to use, as it comes in a tube. It also dries quickly into the lips, so there is no oily or greasy look to it. You also get a cushion feel to your lips without that annoying shine.

Another popular aspect of this lip balm is the flavor it comes in – now you can taste them but just smell them. However, they come in flavors of chamomile, lavender, mint, vanilla and others.


• Antioxidants and other natural ingredients
• Offers protection from the sun
• Approved by dermatologists


• Some users find that it’s too thick when first applied

Brickell Men’s No Shine Lip Balm SPF 15 - Asin B00NQEKRI2

It can be a bit difficult to find a lip balmwith SPF that’s also organic. The majority of these types of lip balms are using vitamin E for sun protection, but the FDA does not feel it’s an effective ingredient for that. However, Brickell has come up with an organic lip balm for men that also happens to include SPF 15 for sun protection.

The Brickell brand uses all-natural and completely organic ingredients whenever possible, and no animal testing. Its No-Shine Lip Balm contains powerful natural ingredients, making it one of the best lip balms for men on the market. It’s been tested in harsh conditions including sun and wind and has been shown to offer long-lasting protection and hydration.

Thanks to the vitamin E and organic olive oil, this lip balm for men keeps your lips soft and nourished. The organic beeswax will keep the moisture locked in. It comes with a peppermint feel, which offers a cooling effect. There is a slight shine to it but not so much to look like you borrowed a woman’s lip gloss. We also like the manly packaging, which is a great addition to any man’s grooming arsenal.


• Completely natural and organic
• Protection and hydration
• Has no waxy or greasy feeling


• Slight shine

Men Science Advanced Lip Protection SPF 30 - Asin B0002ZODAG

MenScience Androceuticals, established in 2004, offers men with modern skincare products – the first of which were designed to alleviate razor burn and ingrown hairs. However, the line of products they offer now includes nutritional products, acne creams, anti-aging treatments and yes, the lip balm for men.

Its MenScience Advanced Lip Protection SPF 30 will rehydrate and keep lips soft while protecting it from being sunburned, becoming chapped and stop peeling. One of the best chapticks on the current market it has an array of ingredients including olive oil extracts, soy and vitamin E to provide the other benefits such as protecting lips from sun damage and aging while re-moisturizing them. The soy also has isoflavone, which can repair and clear up sunburn scars and age spots.

According to some users, this lip balm for men must be applied liberally multiple times in a day for it to offer the most protection. Most of the Menscience products are free of fragrances, and the balm won’t leave behind a greasy feel to it. Too much of the product, however, will cause it to smell and taste odd.

• Contains natural ingredients
• Has natural botanicals that will rehydrate your lips
• Amazing sun protection


• Lack of scent may turn some people away

Anthony Logistics for Men Mint & White Tea Lip Balm SPF 25 - Asin B005CPY28O

Anthony Brands got its start in 2000, becoming one of the best personal care companies to offer superior-quality products for both men and women. Frustrated by what he felt was a lack of quality male grooming products, commercial real estate developer Anthony Sosnick developed his company. It now offers an array of products that men can use including lip balm.

The Anthony Logistics Lip Balm for men provides a plethora of protection without a shine and is made up mostly of natural ingredients such as safflower oil, beeswax, green and white tea leaf extracts and shea butter. It also includes resveratrol, which has been known to help reduce wrinkles.

It’s minty-flavored to freshen your lips and breath. We also like the great flavor of the Anthony Logistics Lip Balm for men that comes from stevia - a well-known natural sweetener.


• Contains no shine
• Superior protection from the sun
• Alleviates pain of sore lips


• The flavor might be too sweet for some people

Duke Cannon Balm 140 Tactical Lip Protectant SPF 30 - Asin B01JDF9WEM

Men who love the great outdoors need to protect their lips with something more powerful than some strawberry-tasting lip balm. This is where the Duke Cannon Balm 140 Tactical Lip Protectant comes in handy. Considered one of the best lip balms for men, it comes in a .56-ounce tube that can feel like a screwdriver when you’re holding it and is about four times larger than other stuff you’d see in the checkout lanes.

Active duty military members tested the formula of the Duke Cannon lip balm, which is comprised of organic and natural ingredients such as stevia, baobab oil, beeswax and blood orange. It was designed to protect and rehydrate the lips (SPF 30) even in the most extreme conditions such as 140-degree heat. Tested by active duty military personnel, the balm has proved to not melt even when exposed to these high temperatures.

The Duke Cannon lip balm has a blood orange mint flavor, which makes it an all-man product.

A portion of all Duke Cannon Supply Company sales goes to support military and veteran causes.


• Lip balm size for men
• Can soften the lips
• Does not melt


• Extremely thick when applied

The Best Lip Balm for Men to Wear in Winter

Rugged & Dapper Lip Balm for Men - Asin Asin B01LX8UFRB

This company makes a plethora of male-only skin and hair care products, including its four-pack all-natural lip balms. Rugged & Dapper designed the lip balm specifically for men to rehydrate and protect lips from sun, wind, cold, heat and other harmful elements. The great thing about the Rugged & Dapper lip balm is that it doesn’t have any girly characteristics seen in unisex lip balms. It’s also a matte lip balm.

While the Rugged & Dapper lip balm for men is completely natural, its ingredient makeup isn’t the same as other all-natural lip balms. The balm includes beeswax and vitamin E as well as rosemary, jojoba and sunflower oils. None of the company’s products have parabens or petroleum in them.

If you’re a man looking for a product that offers something all-natural that also includes eucalyptus and peppermint in it and will rehydrate your lips for long relief, then the Rugged & Dapper lip balm for men is your best bet. The mint flavor gives your lips a bit of cooling sensation.


• Completely natural
• Smells and tastes good
• Leaves behind no residue


• Not entirely matte

C.O. Bigelow My Favorite Night Balm No 306 - Asin B006EP8PPW

One of the oldest U.S. apothecaries is C.O. Bigelow, going back to the 19th century. It’s been said that the legendary Thomas Edison checked out the company’s New York City shop to purchase salve for his sore finger. The company hires in-house chemists to develop its formulas that are not tested on animals.

One of the best aspects of this lip balm for men is that it works in the overnight hours. It’s applied at night before bed and works to rehydrate and nourish the lips. While it’s usable during the day as well, it’s more of an overnight treatment. And, if you wake up to dry lips that are cracked, bleeding and painful, then you certainly want to add the C.O. Bigelow Night Balm for men to your bedtime routine.

The balm applies a thick layer, which is another reason to put it on before you go to sleep. It lasts for eight hours, which allows it to work and moisturize your lips before you get up and face your day. According to science, the skin temperature increases during the night, allowing the body to flush out toxins and cause new skin cells to develop. However, in saying that, the skin does lose its moisture.

Using a lip balm can work in two ways:

• Protect new cells
• Replace lost moisture

The main ingredient in C.O. Bigelow’s Night Balm for men is shea butter, which is known to relax and soothe lips while also fighting dryness – a reason it’s thought to be one of the best chapstick for men on the market. It comes with a pleasant scent, which is great for somebody who loves some fragrance with their lip balm. However, it’s natural, and won’t cause someone to gag if they accidentally consume some of it (which happens).


• Works during nighttime hours
• Has a pleasant scent
• Company manufactured as decades of experience


• May leave too much of a shine for some individuals

Dr. Dan’s CortiBalm Lip Balm Patented Formula - Asin Asin B00EXPRM7C

When you want the best chapstick for men on the market, you need to look at Dr. Dan’s line of products. A highly-respected dermatologist came up with the Dr. Dan’s CortiBalm Lip Balm, which was designed to help no matter what chapped lips a person was suffering with. If the chapped lips are due to cosmetics, weather, medication or sunburn, ordinary lip balms, and their ingredients may cause further problems.

While the Dr. Dan’s CortiBalm product has similar key ingredients seen on other high-quality lip balms for men, it’s the only one to actually have 1% hydrocortisone. Most people recognize this name, knowing it as to be used to treat various skin problems such as irritation, itching, redness and swelling. Although it’s not considered a natural ingredient, it causes the skin’s natural substances to decrease inflammation and irritation.

CortiBalm Lip Balm for men offers amazing protection thanks to its mixture of mineral oil, petroleum jelly, beeswax with no ingredients that can aggravate the lips’ sensitive skin layer, as seen with some products. It’s designed to help heal and moisturize lips, so they don’t crack, bleed, etc. And, since it has hydrocortisone in it, men who have acne or psoriasis or who use medication such as Accutane, Amnesteen or Soriatane are advised to consider this lip balm for their skincare product.


• Offers protection in all conditions
• Contains hydrocortisone
• Ideal for individuals taking medications for acne or psoriasis


• Hydrocortisone could cause a negative reaction in some individuals

Dr. Bronner’s & Sun Dog’s Organic Lip Balm - Asin Asin B001ET70SG

Dr. Bonner’s line of products, which includes lotions and soaps, has been around since the 19th century (1858). However, it only recently added lip balm care to its lineup. The organic lip balm for men comprises of organic beeswax, which offers a layer of protection from the elements using no artificial ingredients.

For additional moisture to the lips, Dr. Bronner includes hemp and avocado oils as well as organic jojoba. Fragrances are used in the lip balm, but only the best essential oils are included. The Dr. Bronner’s abides by the USDA National Organic Program standards, as the company knows that what is put on the lips gets into the body too.

Although the organic lip balm for men is designed to ease the pain felt from inflamed, irritated lips, you can also apply it to most dry areas of your body. It can moisturize and protect the skin, leaving no greasy feeling behind. According to the manufacturer, the product is effective in rehydrating tattoos, giving the area the tattoo is on a new life.

The Dr. Bronner & Sun Dog Organic Lip Balm for men comes in stick form, making it easy to apply and take with you anywhere you go.


• Completely organic
• Has no waxy film to it
• Smooth lips


• Must be reapplied often

Burt’s Bees 100% Natural Moisturizing Lip Balm - Asin B07HFCJR35

Men and women who want high-quality lip care often turn to Burt’s Bees. And, it’s no wonder. Established in 1991, Burt’s Bees Balm and other skincare products have only natural ingredients in them such as beeswax, sunflower seed oil, canola oil, rosemary leaf extract and coconut oil. It has no dangerous parabens, petrolatum, phthalates or SLS. Thus, making it one of the best chapsticks for men and women.

Beeswax has a lot of benefits to it, in that it replenishes and conditions the skin while also fighting chapped lips. The antioxidant vitamin E adds more moisture to the lips. Peppermint oil gives a tingling but pleasant sensation.

Burt’s Bees Balm works in either really cold or high temperatures. No matter what conditions you are faced with, you know that the Burt’s Bees Balm product will protect your lips. And, the great thing about Burt’s Beeswax Lip Balm is that it really does work and fits in any budget.

It comes in a tint-free tube with a moisturizing balm texture and matte finish. It’s designed to nourish lips while hydrating and softening them.


• Completely natural ingredients
• Offers great protection in all weather
• Fits every budget


• May need re-applying more often than other balms

Lip Balm: What Is It?

Of course, it’s important to first look at what lip balm actually is. It’s a wax-like substance that you put onto your lips from the harsh elements. It keeps moisture in the skin to prevent any cracks. It’s used to protect the lips from angular cheilitis, cold sores and stomatitis.

The key aspect of the best lip balms is to keep the lips moisturized so dryness won’t occur, which tends to happen more often during the winter season (in cold climates) and when the air is dry. If the mercury drops, the skin dries out, and lips become cracked. It may surprise you to know that the lips are the first part of the body that shows the signs of dehydration. Why? Its skin layer is much thinner than other body parts. Plus, it’s the one part of the body that is always wet.

Special Note: People often interchange Chapstick with lip balm when buying the lip protecting product. However, Chapstick is actually a brand name – not the products's name.

Should Men Use Lip Balm

The majority of people assume that lip balms are only for women, but men can and should also use them. After all, they offer a plethora of benefits that can give lips moisture and restore lips back to their “former” glory. What are some reasons men should consider finding the best chapstick for men?

• Additional Care – Your lips’ skin is thinner, which means they need some additional protection and care from harsh elements such as cold wind, brutal sun and extreme temperatures.
• Faster Healing – Lip balms for men can moisturize your lips, helping them to heal faster. While damaged lips don’t always look horrible, but if you’re constantly smiling or speaking certain words, the pain associated with them can be rather unbearable.
• Looking and Feeling Better – A lip balm can lead to healthier, plumper lips, and while this isn’t what men may think as important, it is something to consider. Believe it or not, gentlemen, the ladies do look at lips to see how you take care of yourself.

A Look At How Lip Balm Products Came About (Its History)

Most people see lip balm as something new to the skincare world. However, you may be surprised to learn that the first lip balm was designed in the 1880s by American inventor Charles Browne Fleet. It looked like a tiny wickless candle that had been wrapped in foil of some type.

Fleet got his idea when people used their earwax to moisten their dry, chapped, cracked lips. He sold the idea to a neighbor with more resources and time to mass produce the balm, which led to the birth of Chapstick.

Unfortunately, like other skin care and grooming products on the market, men were overlooked. Any time a company made a skin care product, they were focusing their efforts on women; men were an afterthought. Times are changing, and more companies are realizing that men also have a need and desire to take care of their skin and lips.

It’s taken some time, but there are several companies that have realized that flowery or fruity flavors are not what most men are often looking for in their lip balms. And, they also realized that men’s lips are not the same as women’s. For example, some men tend to spend more time outside than women, which means they are exposed more to the wind, rain, sun, cold and heat.

Today, one only has to look at the local supermarket’s lip balm shelves to find that there are plenty of manufacturers that have designed male-only skin and lip care products – not just the products that are listed in this article. This is why it can be so difficult to find the best lip balm for men when shopping for one.

What Are The Other Benefits Of Using A Lip Balm?

Most men, including those manly of all men, want lips that women would want to kiss. Along with keeping the skin moisturized and healthy, there are many benefits for keeping a lip balm for men handy at a moment’s notice.

Younger-Looking Skin – The reality is that your skin is aging every day, and it’s something that most people try to slow down (men or women). Along with eye cream and anti-aging skin cream, men should also be using a re-hydrating lip balm to keep their lips constantly moisturized. This will help to keep them looking younger.

Protect – Unfortunately, men don’t think of lips getting sunburned, but it can happen. Surfers and professional skiers will use lip balm to protect the skin from sun damage and other harsh conditions. If damage has already occurred to the lips, you want to protect them from infections. Be sure to use an SPF lip balm for men that can protect from both the cold and sun.

Moisturize – There are a host of moisturizing benefits with lip balms, and when used in conjunction with a well-thought-out hydration regimen, your skin will feel softer, look youthful and appear healthier. A lip balm for men can only give your lips the hydration it needs, which is why you should still use other skincare products to fight dryness. Remember, your lips are delicate, which is why you need a lip balm that’s been formulated to rehydrate them.

Repair – Despite being a small area of your body, damaged lips can cause excruciating pain due to inflammation and cracking. If your lips are dry and cracking, apply lip balm to give yourself immediate soothing relief. Many of the best lip balms for men currently on the market are sold with vitamins and essential oils in them, helping to speed up the repair process and returning the skin back to its healthy, rehydrated state.

Do You Really Need Lip Balm?

There’s been a lot of debate on whether or not lip balm is a necessity. For some individuals, lip balms have become an addiction, meaning they’ll use at any opportunity given. However, it should only be applied when called for.

Applying frequently or during warm weather can have an opposite effect of what you’re trying to accomplish.

When it’s cold and dry outside, the lip balm’s moisture protects the lips. It should only be used in cases where the temperature drops below freezing, the humidity isn’t high, and you’re not addicted to them.

Apply lip balm for men only when the lips begin to feel dry, or your lips have become chapped and are painful. Be sure it’s applied before you leave your home or other building, so they’re protected from the cold, wind, heat and sun.

What Ingredients Should the Best Lip Balm for Men Contain
(and What Ingredients Do You Want To Avoid)

Whatever you purchase cosmetics-wise, you should know what the ingredients of the product are. This also includes lip balm products. While many lip balms for men comprise of beeswax, vitamin e and aloe, some contain harmful and dangerous ingredients as well. What are the ingredients you want your lip balm to contain?

Helpful Ingredients:

Aloe – Already known for being useful in alleviating pain, aloe can help in repairing lips that are inflamed or irritated. While it’s best to prevent this from happening in the first place, aloe can helpwith dry, cracked and painful lips.

Beeswax – This is a natural wax that honey bees produce. Since it’s a humectant, it can attract water and produce a protective barrier. For those who have sensitive skin, beeswax is a wise choice with its anti-allergenic and antibacterial properties.

Cocoa Butter – Many skin care manufacturers use cocoa butter as an ingredient, and lip balms for men are also seen with it. Why is that? Cocoa butter has a plethora of vitamins such as A1, B1, C, D and E along with magnesium and iron. They help to combat dryness, so your lips feel soft and rejuvenated.

Green Tea – There are many products that have green tea as an ingredient, and for a good reason. It’s touted as being an anti-aging, anti-inflammatory and antibacterial agent. Various studies have shown that it can decrease inflammation, which is why you should consider any lip balm with it as its ingredient. It can also work as an exfoliator, gently removing the dead skin cells and rejuvenating the skin cells.

Honey – Raw honey consists of amino acids, vitamins and minerals, which are great for hydrating and rehydrating. Honey’s antioxidants can help in repairing cracked skin, shielding them from damage.

Lanolin – This is an ingredient in many skin care products, but you may be surprised to learn that it comes from the sheep wool. Lanolin works to protect and soften the skin and is far more effective at keeping skin smooth and moist than other ingredients such as glycerin or petroleum. Be mindful that it’s possible to be allergic to lanolin.

Natural Oils – Your lips’ skin needs natural oils, which they can absorb without taking away the important protective layers. They are loaded with essential fatty acids that can protect and moisturize your lips. Natural oils, such as almond, avocado, coconut, hemp and sunflower, also have natural antioxidants that can protect your lips from the toxic elements of everyday life.

Shea and Cocoa Butters - These are plant-based butters that have amazing properties for your lips and skin. Cocoa butter will melt at temperatures slightly below the body temperature, has natural antioxidants and is an emollient for the skin. Shea butter will melt at body temperature, allowing it to quickly absorb into the skin. It also binds well with water. Any man into the vegan lifestyle should consider a lip balm with these as its ingredients.

Sugar - It may seem strange to hear that sugar should be an ingredient to have in a lip balm for men, but here’s why. You want to exfoliate the dead, dry skin of your lips to ensure they stay healthy. If lip balm has sugar in it, the granules can exfoliate the lips.

Vitamin E – There are some individuals who don’t know they are allergic to vitamin E, and some lip balms for men have this as an ingredient. If you’re constantly suffering from irritated, cracked or dry lips and continue to use lip balm, this may be the reason for it. However, for most people, vitamin E can help with rehydrating skin cells and repairing the skin.

Zinc Oxide – Most men are not in the habit of protecting their lips, and those that do, are not keen on using sunscreen to keep them from damage. However, many lip balm manufacturers are adding zinc oxide to their products as a safe sunscreen option to keep lips protected from the harsh UV sun rays.

Harmful Ingredients:


These are preservative seen in cosmetics, which has a carcinogenic effect on test animals and can cause organ-system toxicity, reproductive and developmental toxicity, respiratory irritation, endocrine disruption and cancer. Many manufacturers tend to use BHA and BHT in their so-called healthy lip balms.

Fragrance and Flavors

Anytime you see a product that’s been flavored or has had fragrances added to it, you need to be cautious. How is that? Besides the long-term effects of using processed chemicals, there’s also the concern that these chemicals will remove the lip’s natural protective oils away. This is counterproductive if you’re trying to protect and repair your lips from damage.


Humectants like glycerin and hyaluronic acid have a tendency to suck moisture out of the skin, especially when there is little water in the atmosphere. That’s not to say that a lip balm for men with shea butter or beeswax isn’t okay to use if they have a humectant in them, as those ingredients can retain moisture in the lips.


Chemical sunscreens such as Oxybenzone can actually take in ultraviolet light, imitate estrogen, enter the body and cause problems with sperm production. Why would you want to use any lip balm for men that can cause body chemistry changes?


These are factory-manufactured preservatives that are often used in cosmetics. Since they are processed, the skin can often react negatively to them. Many lip balms for men contain parabens, which are chemicals that protect you against bacteria but has also been shown to reduce sperm and testosterone production.

Parabens have also been discovered to affect the body’s endocrine system, which are the glands that generate hormone and keep your organs working. This imbalance can make you feel sick and may even lead to the development of cancer(s).


This is refined petroleum, with a refining process that includes toxic compounds. Petrolatum becomes contaminated due to Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons, which have been tied to cancer. And, if that’s not enough to make your stomach turn, there’s also the fact Petrolatum is made of crude oil, which is gloopy brown substance you get from the ground. If you have dry, sensitive lips, think that’s healthy for them?

Even worst, petrolatum doesn’t allow for air to flow through, which means your lips doesn’t get the oxygen they need.

Salicylic Acid

Another commonly-added lip balm ingredient is salicylic acid, which helps to soften lips while also removing dead skin cells. However, for some people, continued use of salicylic acid-added lip balms, it can lead to dryness and inflammation.

Synthetic Colors

Many popular lip balms for men have synthetic dyes that add to their appearance. However, these colorants tend to come from coal-tar or heavy metals, which are a by-product of petroleum. And, the majority of red dyes are the result of crushed bug carcasses.

What To Keep In Mind About Lip Balm Ingredients

The only way a lip balm for men is good is if the ingredients used in the product are good for you. This is why it’s important to know what to look for in your lip balm – so you can choose one that will actually help heal and rejuvenate your lips.

For example, you don’t want a lip balm that includes phenol in it since this can do more damage to your lips – drying the lips out and causing them to become cracked. Other ingredients such as menthol and camphor are not dangerous when used sparingly or for short periods of time (they even cause a tingly feeling on your lips). However, regular use of them means the ingredients get into the body.

A number of the best lip balms for men on the market contain natural ingredients in them such as shea butter or beeswax, which can help alleviate your chapped, dry lips. Antioxidant vitamin E can also be seen in lip balms quite often. It’s not uncommon for lip balm manufacturers to add humectants, an ingredient that helps the skin lock in moisture. Emollients help with rehydrating and softening the skin, which includes almond oil, shea butter and beeswax.

According to some experts, lip balms for men with glycerin or water can cause the skin to become oily or irritated.

Other Important Things To Consider When Purchasing Lip Balm for Men

Sun Protection Factor

Your lips’ skin is very thin, which is why the sun’s rays can cause them to become dry and cracked. They may even peel because of the damage. Most of today’s face moisturizers have an SPF factor because manufacturers understand that constant sun exposure can slowly age the skin.

While you can use normal sunblock on your lips, think about this one carefully. Most of these products are very greasy, and they’re not very effective in protecting your lips. Even worse, they do not taste good.

Most lip balms for men offer an SPF of 4, but there are some companies that have specifically designed the best lip balms for men to protect the lips from the sun’s dangerous ultraviolet rays with SPF of 25 or higher. They also tend to have ingredients like vitamin E and Aloe Vera in them.

Special Note: Most people reapply the lip balm multiple times in a day, which means you don’t need to worry about the maximum protection factor like you would be concerned with traditional sunscreens.


A container does not dictate a men’s lip balm’s quality, as it’s just a method to apply the concoction to your lips. There are three ways in which to use lip balm for men – stick, squeeze tub or tin.

Stick Method

Most people choose the stick method of applying lip balm. Since Chapstick entered the market so long ago, it’s the most recognized way to moisturize the lips. However, men are not so keen on this method since it looks like a lipstick. Sticks are also ideal for their protectant abilities.

Still, you will find the best chapsticks for men are easy to carry and hide when you need protection from harsh elements. If you are going outside at any time during the winter season (cold and dry) or in the summer months (hot and dry), then a stick lip balm for men, with beeswax as an ingredient, will be most effective. More about this here.

Squeeze Method

Squeeze lip balms look like mini-toothpaste, and for men concerned with their image, can play it off as a medicinal need instead of a beauty product. This method can take longer to apply because you’ll need to unscrew the lid. Plus, there’s a chance of using more than you need.

For men who want immediate relief for their lips, the squeeze lip balm is ideal. However, due to their soft composition, they tend to leave behind a shiny coat, which will fade quickly. Be sure you look for the best lip balm for men that give you immediate relief but don’t give you a shiny coat.


This lip balm alternative is compact, and usually more ideal for men who feel that stick or squeeze lip balms are too girly. However, it’s important to note that they are waxy due to their thick nature. With one finger, you can get a small amount of the mixture and swap it over your lip’s – one of the reasons tins are the best lip balm for men alternatives.


Lip balms are full of artificial scents; many of them contain dangerous and toxic chemicals. If you’re looking for a lip balm that’s free of these toxic ingredients, then you want to go for a men’s lip balm with very little scent – if any at all.

However, for men who do want aroma with their lip balms, some companies produce manly products with peppermint or mojito in it. Still, whatever scent you decide to go with, you want to make sure it’s all natural and contains no dangerous ingredients.

Brand Name

Most people have a misconception – for any product – that brand name always means better. However, brand name is just that… brand name. It’s no better than generic or off-brands. In fact, there have been cases where off-brand products are actually much better. Another reason people tend to choose well-known brands is the quality behind them.

For example, Jack Black is one of the best man skin care manufacturer on the market because their products work.

What you need to understand is that not-so-well-known lip balm and skin care line brands can also work just as well as highly-recognized brand names. Don’t dismiss them or you could be missing out.


Yes, be mindful of the price you pay for products, but not at the expense of your health. Cheaper lip balms tend to mean cheaper ingredients (not always but many times). However, expensive products won’t always mean a better product either.

When it comes to buying something – skin care, lip balm for men or anything – be sure to consider what your budget is. What can you reasonably afford that will also offer value? Products with more natural ingredients in them will cost more, which is something to be aware of if you want to use only all-natural products for your skin care regime.

This is especially important when dealing with any skin care products since most petroleum and chemicals actually dry out the skin and lead to irritations. On top of that, many non-natural products have chemicals that can lead to unwanted side effects.

With that in mind, you need to understand that the best lip balms for men tend to have a long shelf life, which you’ll get a lot of value for the money you spend on them.

What Other Things Should You Be Mindful Of?

• Do not put lip balm on with your fingers when sick. This will cause the bacteria to spread to your mouth and lips, and contaminate the balm too.
• Toss out the lip balm when it expires, as it loses its moisturizing capabilities and could contain bacteria and mold.

• Don’t use too much lip balm, since it can cause them to dry your lips out. Apply it only when you feel it necessary.

How to Correctly Apply Lip Balm for Men for Maximum Effectiveness

As with anything you do, there is a right and wrong way to applying even the best lip balm for men. There’s no need to make it complicated, but there are a few things you want to keep in mind. when applying a lip balm – be it from the container or your fingers:

Container-Applied Lip Balm

• Be sure to use the dial at the bottom of the container to bring the lip balm up above the rim. There’s no need to bring it high up since you just need a small amount to be effective. Gel-based balms for men have a hole in their tube at one end, but you still don’t need to use a lot of it for it to be effective. If you bring up too much balm, you’re just wasting it.
• Apply a thin coat evenly on your lips. Applying more than necessary will not improve the protection factor.
• Rub together your lips to spread any extra balms, which will spread it to areas close to your mouth that are often chapped and dry.

Finger-Applied Lip Balm

• Always wash your hands before applying men’s lip balm with your fingers. This is to eliminate the bacteria on your fingers and hands, so the germs don’t get into your mouth or on your lips and cause an infection.
• Using your index finger, begin with the center part of your lower lip and go toward the corner. Apply the balm evenly and add more if warranted.

Special Note – It’s possible to get a small balm application to dip into the jar rather than your finger.

It pays off to apply your lip balm at night before bedtime, as you won’t be eating, talking or rubbing it off during sleep. This ensures you get the full beneficial effects of the lip balm for men.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Should I Do If Lip Balm Melts on Clothing or in Pockets?

If your men’s lip balm has melted into your clothing, you can use an iron to remove the balm off the clothing. (You can also use the iron with a thin cloth or wax paper if you want).

Do You Really Need To Protect Your Lips From The Sun?

Absolutely! Lips don’t have a lot of melanin – the pigment that can repel the sun’s dangerous rays. You should always look for lip balms for men that offer an SPF-rating to protect lips from the dangerous UV rays the sun shines down.

Do Your Lips Need Protection Inside?

Inside or outside, your lips always need protection. Most men, out of sheer habit, will lick their lips. However, the indoor air conditioner can take out moisture from the lips, and the furnace heat can lead to drying.

Can Chapped Lips Be Healed With Lip Balms?

Lip balm does help in the healing process, speeding it up. The best lip balms for men have special emollient oils and essential fatty acid oils that will moisturize the lips, protecting them.

How Can A Lip Balm Last Longer?

The best place to store a men’s lip balm is somewhere cool and dry. If you’ve purchased several of them, put them in the refrigerator or a freezer, taking them out when you’ll be using them.

Will A Lip Balm With Beeswax Cause An Allergic Reaction To Those Allergic To Bees?

It’s quite possible to have an allergic reaction to any product that has beeswax in it if a person is allergic to bees. It’s not the venom most people are allergic to; it’s the bee pollen and the ingredient propolis. It’s important to talk to your allergist or dermatologist before you use a beeswax-included lip balm for men.

Can Someone Get Addicted To Lip Balm?

It is possible to become addicted to lip balm, using it all the time because they want to – not because they have to. After all, it’s like any other substance in the world like prescription medication and alcohol.

How Can Lip Balm Be Kept Fresh?

When not using the lip balm for men, make sure the lid is on. Don’t place it right in the sunlight and do not constantly freeze and thaw your lip balm. When possible, put the product in a cool place.

Thank You for Reading

Chapped, dry, cracked lips have always been an issue, but it wasn’t until the 1880s that someone made a lip balm to protect these lips. Until then, people would use their earwax to soothe their lips. However, until recently, it was thought of as just a woman’s product. Men had no solution to deal with their chapped, dry lips unless they used women-designed lip balms.

Today, there are many lip balm designed specially for men, however the problem now is to find out the right one. So be sure you do your homework before you choose the best lip balm for men.

Feel free to save this extensive guide to your bookmarks and send your friends, family, and colleagues in our direction. If you have a favorite lip balm for men, don’t hesitate to let us know below. We’re all unique, and you may like a product that’s not on our list.

Talk to you soon, friends!


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