In Traditional Chinese Medicine energy flows through the body. And everything within the body is mirrored in other parts of the body. But does it stop there? Or does mirroring manifest out into the Universe? And what about celestial event?

Take for instance if a particular organ of the body is diseased it will manifest itself in the ears, eyes, tongue, feet, hands, and just about every aspect of the body. Thus when a acupuncture needle is inserted in a particular area of the ear the corresponding change happens in that organ. Also in iridology as talked about by Dr. Jensen and Dr. Bodeen what manifests in our eyes and especially the iris of the eye corresponds too changes in the body, mind, and spirit. And if changes are made in diet, exercise, sleep habits and many of other things the body changes, and also the iris of the eyes change.

In spiritual texts down through history their are many references to the fact that all things are mirrored in our world and the heavens. And this is why astrology came about to understand what the heavens are trying to let us. Even Deepak Chopra who was a skeptic about astrology went back to India and met with a well known Ayurvedic Astrologer. When he walked in the door the astrologer said, “We have been waiting for you for years”. And the astrologer picked up some ancient bark from tree that had spiritual texts written which talked about Deepak and his whole family. Even the linage of all his family members, their names, their ages, when they were born, all their ages when they died, what they did for a living, and much more. And Deepak was amazed, because being a man of medicine and science he didn’t think any of this was possible. Yet it did happen, and everything that was written down long ago.

Thus what we see now and in the future can be seen in the heavens. And now we have the 4 blood moons which are about to end. With the last blood moon being on September 28th 2015. There are some who believe that in the last few hundred years those blood moons have been associated with changes on the planet.

Exactly what the future will bring because of these 4 blood moons we don’t know. But from a spiritual perspective it’s very important that we use this time wisely to get ready. We have the power to make changes in our future, if “We Change” and become more spiritual with daily spiritual practices.

Here are a few daily spiritual practices we can incorporate into our lives:

Prayer—Prayer is probably the most common way to connect throughout all of the spiritual persuasions in the world. Not asking for something, but being in a state of great gratitude and love for what we have now… that is the essence of what our prayers is all about. Having an alter and perhaps burning some incense while we pray, and concentrate on gratitude and love while connecting to the divine.

The Name of God— Saying a personal name of God silently in our mind over and over again when we are not using our mind is very powerful. This sacred practice is talked about in all spiritual texts because the name of God, the Universe, and the One and Only has so much power. It’s also a very good way to relax our mind and allow God, the Universe, and the One and Only to carry our burdens.

Chanting— Chanting a uplifting spiritual chant of any kind is very powerful. Chanting has been used by Christian Monks, by Buddhist Monks, in Hindu spiritual practices and all spiritual ways of being on the planet. And on youtube and the internet in general there are many great spiritual chants that be found.

Singing— Singing in praise of God, the Universe, and the One and Only is another powerful way to connect and instill a divine presence in our daily life. And there are many great spiritual songs that can be found all over the internet and on youtube.

Being in Nature— Taking the time to be in nature and perhaps saying some prayers is also a very powerful way to connect to the divine.

Meditation - Taking 20 to 45 minutes, every morning and evening to meditate and clear our mind, thus allow peace to filter in and love to fill our heart is especially important. The practice of meditation is so powerful and can change the out outcome of everything.

All spiritual practices echo out into the Universe, and reverberate through the Cosmos, and the Multiverse. And thus all that exists now in every atom, in every star, in every being is changed. Because all that exists is simultaneously changing as we change. Take for instance a culture of cells that is split into two petri dishes and separated by 10 miles. Applying an electrical current to one petri dishes the cells react. At the very same time 10 miles away the other cells also react… even though they were far away. This is called entangled matter, and we also have entangled minds… and entangled minds can change everything.

Remember everything is connected, and everything we do changes everything in the here-and-now… and in the future.

Dr. Paul Haider

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