God wants you to know that you cannot hope to solve any problem using the same energy that created the problem. Whether it's the endless wars in the world or the unending quarrels and fighting in your own home, the problem is the same: conflicting energy. If you want to change the outcome, change the energy. Neale Donald Walsch

As I contemplate this wonderful day, I realize and am grateful for my morning meditation group, my prayer partner, my husband and my life. I choose to focus on what I am grateful for because I know that an attitude of gratitude creates the energy of grace and ease. I know I confidently expect each day to manifest before me with grace and ease and I know that expectation, that intention is a choice. I know that the grace, ease, love, wisdom, prosperity, and abundance of God IS! I know that what IS works in, through and as each of us when we allow it to radiate from the inside out with no expectation of anything in return. We ARE because God IS and that is more than enough.

It is each of our responsibility with our thoughts, words, and feelings to focus on what we are grateful for, to focus on all the abundance in our life (no matter the appearance) and to bless each and every person we encounter. If I intend to not play in the field of energy known as lack then I need to change my energy. The quickest way to do that is to change my focus, change my discussions, change my thoughts, and change my words. The Law is impersonal! You create your own reality.

If you are not fond of the appearance of life around you then change how you show up. And so it is.


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