“There is Good for everyone, and everyone ought to have their Good.” Scientific Mental Christian Practice – Emma Curtis Hopkins

“I am so thankful that the goodness of God blesses me and everyone around me.” 40 Days with Emma Curtis Hopkins – Rev. Dr. Kathianne Lewis

As I align my thoughts, my feelings, my emotions with the One Heart; I know that all is well. I know that like the oceans continual ebb and flow, God is always present in every situation, in every living being. I choose to align myself with this Truth. I choose to know my oneness with this Source of Goodness. I choose to be all God is with every fiber of my being. As I choose this Truth for me, I know and hold this Truth for everyone. I know as I breathe in the energy of God I feel the connection with all that is as I release my breath out I let go of any belief, thought, or human condition that keeps me separate from this Whole. I know that each person has the opportunity to choose to say YES and be one with the Infinite Source of all good. I know this Truth for myself and hold this Truth for everyone. I choose to align my human self with my spiritual self and with the Divine. As I say yes to that oneness my goodness lies in the present moment and I accept it now! I accept my goodness in each and every moment of my day. I know with each breath I experience the power of God's love surrounding and enfolding me with goodness. I imagine each person being present in every moment knowing that the past is forgiven and the future is secure. In this moment I know everyone receives all the goodness that is God. Today I am grateful for the beauty that surrounds this planet, for the air we breathe that supports us, and for the ears and the consciousness to listen to all the wonderful sounds that surround us. In this instant I know at a very deep level that all is well for all of us and for the world. I give great thanks to Father, Mother, God, Spirit in me for allowing me to express this goodness in words. I am grateful for knowing that God is my Source. I give thanks for the unconditional love, the limitless abundance and the absolute knowing that each of us is whole, perfect and complete. With a grateful and open heart I release this Truth into the Cosmos knowing that is where they came from. I know that love shows the way the law makes the way possible so I let go, I let God and so it is

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