“I am surrounded by an Infinite Ocean of Mind that receives the imprint of my word.” Ernest Holmes

If I believe God is ALL there is (and I do) how can I possibly doubt that I or anyone is not part of that magnificent whole. If the One Mind is like an Infinite Ocean accepting thought like raindrops falling on the sea then every word I speak or think is making an imprint onto that Infinite Ocean of Mind. To co-create my heart’s desires with the Divine Order of the Universe I pray with purpose, with feeling and with absolute resolve that God, the Infinite Source of everything, is a macrocosm of each of us. I know that collectively we make up the whole, like drops of water combine together to make vast oceans, each of us is an integral part of the greater I AM. Our words are powerful so I am conscious of what I say to others. Am I speaking from my heart or from my ego? Am I speaking from a place of connection or separation? Am I respecting the God within me and the God within you? Today I pray from my heart with purpose. I pray from a place of feeling and absolute knowing that I am totally connected to ALL that is. Today I pray and allow each person to be who they are, to walk their own path, to allow the magnificence that is God express itself in, through, and as each person I encounter. I give thanks for I know the Universe will make manifest all my desires. I give thanks for the One Life that is my God’s Life that is my Life right here and right now. I open my heart and release this pray into the ALL. I let go of any human attachment and I let God. And so it is

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