Have you ever considered owning dairy goats for pets? These farm animals make great pets and are versatile too. Dairy goats and dairy production is one of the most historical, versatile and efficient forms of livestock production throughout the world. They are known for their milk production efficiencies. Their milk offers health benefits. Most owners of dairy goats will tell you that no animal is more cute and friendly than a dairy goat! Two types of dairy goats are the Alpine and Saanen goats. Each of these goats show distinct characteristics, differences and commonalities.

The Alpine goat originated in the Alps. The term "French Alpine" and "Alpine" are used synonymously. The female and male goats are mostly short-haired. The males, (bucks), show a long-haired beard with long hair usually along its spine too. Both sexes have a straight face with medium sized and fine textured ears. These goats are hearty, curious, friendly, and adaptable animals. They can thrive in most any climate while remaining healthy and maintaining excellent milk production. Alpines produce high volumes of milk. These goats do not have a distinct color but may range in colors from pure white to varying or combining shades of gray, brown, black, red, buff, fawn, and more.

The Saanen dairy goat originated in the Saanen Valley of Switzerland. Saanen female goats, (does), produce heavy amounts of milk. These goats are medium to large in size weighing approximately 145 pounds. They have tough bones and can show pep in their personality. Their temperament is mostly calm and mild mannered. Saanen goats are, generally, easy for children to handle and are popular in showmanship classes due to their calm nature. They are white or light cream in color and have spots on their skin. Breeders are known to refer to these goats as, "living marshmallows". Their hair is generally short, with some having just a fringe of hair over their spine or thighs. They have a straight face with ears standing erect and pointing forward. The Saanen breed is sensitive to excessive sunlight. These goats perform much better in shady or cooler conditions.

What do the Alpine and Saanen goats have in common? Both of these goats can provide the milk used in various handcrafted goat milk bath and body products such as: goat milk soap, goat milk lotions, and much, much more! These natural bath and body products are healthful and nourishing for skin. Dairy goats are wonderful animals. Not only are they cute and friendly, they help to provide a multitude of beneficial bath and body products!

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