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Royal Hair works is the top beauty salons in Rocky Mount, NC. We believe in providing our customers a world class experience from hair stylists who receive top of the line education and training. We offer our customers custom formulas that reflect freedom of style, individuality and self expression.

Our staff is knowledgeable with modern hair styles, hair relaxer and other techniques and can give advice on your new look. We offer serveral services but most of all we cater to your needs to get your hair to look the way you want.

Royal Hairworks provides the individualized attention our customers desire. We specialize in damaged hair repair and highlights. We offer great priced hair cuts and hair updos from our professional stylists.

Our stylists offer professional hair updos!
Some people struggle with finding hair cuts that fit them. When it comes to hair cuts, our stylists know the Hair Relaxer Rocky Mount, NChottest styles and the newest trends. We even offer our expert advice and opinions to help our clients find formal hair updos. We are committed to helping you look great and feel confident with your new hair cut.

When should you change your hairstylist? We as hairstylists, never want to lose a client. We know that often times a client will want to try someone different because of either a recommendation, or the convenience of a closer hair Beauty Salons.

How do you find a good hair Beaauty Salons? Personal recommendations are always the best. Who should you ask? Ask someone (even a stranger) who has a hair style that you like and ask her what beauty salon does she attend? You will be surprised at how appreciative she is for you asking. You are really paying her a great compliment. Our vision is to make you not only look beautiful but feel beautiful too. We want you to be the one being asked about your hair style. So give us a try next time you feel like you need a change.

Also offering damaged hair repair services!

Damaged Hair Repair Rocky Mount, NC We believe every woman is a walking advertisement for her hair Beauty Salons. Why Royal Hair works? At Royal Hair works, we care about your hair. We want you to look and feel beautiful. We want you to love your hair so much that you never wanna go anywhere else. And our dedicated stylists will help you achieve the look you want. We provide information about cutting, damaged hair repair, hair relaxer, hairstyles, and hair styling. Don't be afraid to try new beauty salons. It is our goal to give our customers as much information as possible on hair care and cosmetology. Whenever you have a question about your hair, just ask ROYAL HAIR WORKS. A licensed cosmetologist will give you a professional answer, free of charge. Give us a call today, or visit us.

We also accept payment by Cash.

Proudly serving Rocky Mount, NC.

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From the common masses to royalty, taking care of our bodies has been both a pleasure and a necessity.

ROYAL HAIR WORKS offers the personal touch in healthy hair care. We specialize in the repair of Damaged Hair, Relaxers, Highlights, Up-dos and waxing. "WHERE HAIR IS FIT FOR A QUEEN."


Repairing Damage Hair - When hair is damaged it becomes dull, brittle, frizzy and out of control. Causes of damaged hair include coloring and permanent chemicals, heat from hair like dryers and sometimes poor diet.
Relaxers - There are two types of hair relaxers, those with lye and those without lye. Both will work to soften your hair as they straighten out its form. Hair relaxers are permanent; however touchups will be required from time to time. Once new hair starts to grow, the change in texture will become noticeable and you will need to relax the new growth. The average time between touch ups is six to eight weeks.
Highlights - See what we can do with a new look.
Up-dos - Whatever the occasion, we have the hairstyle for you.
Waxing - Services available daily.
And many more
Walk-ins are always welcome and we accept new clients daily.
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