Daman and Diu, lying on the western coast of India is one among the most widely visited tourist place in holiday packages. These islands, enriched with exotic forts and cathedrals is the second smallest union territory of India. Golden sandy beaches in Daman and Diu, equipped with versatile leisure activities is a best place for spending your spare time. This beautiful spot, pampered by Arabian Sea owns a good number of luxury hotels and restaurants promoting tourism. Daman and Diu islands were once the seat of Portuguese rulers. Devka beach, Nagoa beach, Fort of St Jerome and Gomptimata temple are some of the sight scenes coming in the top list of Daman and Diu holiday packages.

Nagoa beach, situated near the Nagoa hamlet of the village of Bucharwada is an important destination explored in Daman and Diu tour packages. This alluring beach, in the shape of horse shoe is a perfect place for enjoying swimming and other water sports like surfing. Cluster of hoka trees seen along the sea shore with fabulous landscape provides an astounding view for visitors. Moti Daman Fort, lying on the southern bank of river Damanganga is another tourist destination visited in Daman and Diu holiday packages. This historic monument in Daman and Diu was built during the reign of Portuguese rulers. Impressive architecture of Moti Daman Fort beholding ten bastions and two impressive gateways stretches an area of about 30,000 sq mts.

Hilsa Aquarium, located inside the Fort of Moti Daman is an interesting spot covered in Daman and Diu holiday packages. Vivid ornamental fishes seen inside Hilsa Aquarium capture all eyes of tourists. Devka beach is another tourist centre included in Daman and Diu tour package. This alluring tourist spot is a best place for spending your leisure time. Beachside amusement park, well manicured gardens and toy train for kids are some of the attractions seen in Devka beach. Majestic Diu Fort, built in the year 1535 is a favourite tourist place widely visited in Daman and Diu holiday packages. Diu Fort is composed with a spectacular front wall beholding stone galleries and five windows. It is enclosed by sea on three sides and occupies a wonderful collection of rare Portuguese relics made of petrified wood.

Nani Daman, covering an area of 12250 sq mts is a favourite tourist spot explored in Daman and Diu holiday packages. Astonishing architecture of Nani Daman composed with big stone walls, three bastions and two gateways impresses all eyes. Damanganga Tourist Complex is another best known tourist place covered in Daman and Diu holiday packages. This amusement park, located at Kanchigam Village in Nani Daman attracts thousands of tourists from all over the globe. It is an all in one complex, well equipped with all modern facilities like conference hall, health club, cottages and cafeteria. Huge waterfalls, Amphi theatre, beautiful island gardens and fountains seen inside Damanganga tourist complex dedicate a real feast for tourists. Jampore beach, Church of Bom Jesus, Gangeshwar temple, Hathi Park and Kachigam Water Tank are other scenic spots explored in Daman and Diu holiday packages.

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