Dance is the ultimate solution for staying fit enjoyably. Today dance has been a great career option. Multiple organizations are arranging dance reality shows and competitions. Dance can bring you great fame as well as success; it is a big platform to highlight your talent and it has become the most popular profession among all. Dance makes your body active, burns extra fat, increases metabolism, improves your overall body poise and controls your body weight. There is no particular age limit of dancing Studies have shown that people of all ages enjoy it. Adult dance classes in Vasant Kunj allow you to learn different dance forms from western to eastern.

Benefits of dancing
Dancing is one of the beautiful art forms which come on a variety of styles. It relies on you which dance style you are willing to learn. Dancing gives you enormous benefits including
• Dancing improves your blood circulation resulting in a better cardiovascular system, professional dance trainer Leon Turtesky says that all forms of dance make a great cardio workout,

• Dancing helps to increase muscle strength, gives you a good posture and makes you more confident

• Dancing controls many chronic health issues like heart diseases, lung diseases

• Dancing solves your psychological issues, improves your mental health by giving you great satisfaction

• Dancing reduces the stiffness of your body and makes it flexible; it also helps to improve your balance

• Dancing works as a great stress buster beats depression, loneliness and improves the quality of your sleep.

• Dance makes you happy, helps you to express your emotions and polishes up your overall personality.

Why should you join a dance class?
If you want to learn something perfectly you need to take classes from a trainer. So joining a dance class is important as it helps in improving your dancing skills by correcting your wrong postures and moves. Apart from it, in a dance class, you can get to know other dancers and perform group dances with your partners. The best dance classes in Vasant Kunj offer you to learn from the professional choreographers. Joining a dance class will help you to socialize which can improve your emotional health.

Why is dancing important?
People have a tough schedule to follow, the pressure of job and education makes their mental health worse. Engaging yourself in dancing can be beneficial for them; it can work as a great recreation after a hectic day. Moreover dancing is a great substitute for mobile phones and video games. Everyone should be encouraged to join dance classes as it will help both their physical and mental health.

Why should adults engage in dancing?
Studies have shown that the adults who practice dancing regularly are more cheerful, stronger and straighter with fewer diseases. Regular dancing decreases your body pain and improves your bone and heart health by enhancing the blood circulation.

Exercising can be annoying and boring but if you replace it with dancing you can get the same benefits as great fun. Learn dancing, practice it regularly, attend dance workshops, participate in dance competitions to lead a happy and healthy life.

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SAMEER (SAM), is the best dance trainer in Vasant Kunj Delhi. He started a unique dance studio, fitness for all ages in Vasant Kunj. He offers all kinds of dance classes, training such as corporate events, dance choreographers, bhangra, and dandiya.