Though often seen as a form of expressing happiness, dancing can be a solid way to exercise well. The best part about it is that you do not have to make conscientious efforts to perform this workout. When we are about to start working out, a large part of our pre-workout-procrastination comes from just thinking of exerting that energy in a repetitive mundane exercise. But when it comes to dancing, you do not have to go into a special part of your brain to really exert yourself. Sure, your dancing can be choreographed and be relaying a sort of story, but that utilizes a different muscle memory for the task.

According to the University of Brighton, you burn up to 300 calories every half an hour when you step on the dance floor. It is, according to the same report, more than or similar to the amount you would burn on a casual run or swimming session. Even a tame form of dancing will help you burn the same number of calories as cycling does.

The reason for this is that dancing tends to demand a lot of your energy as it involves you moving your body vigorously in all directions. Though swimming, running, and other forms of propulsive exercises use momentum and rhythm to keep you moving, dancing works like a HIIT workout, where it keeps you accelerating and decelerating your movements and energy. It is like motoring through the city. This means a lot of changing directions and stopping is involved on a smaller ground which burns a lot of fuel.

Even though torching calories is one of the things why we might be considering dancing as one of the best forms of exercise, the reality is that it contributes more to your body than just that. With up and down, and side to side movements, you tend to activate and train your body’s tiny support tendons and muscles, which can get ignored otherwise. When given an in-depth look, it seems that dancing can have a more significant effect on your mood and mind too. According to a study, hip hop dancing was able to lower stress, improve energy, and buoyed mood.

It is one of the ways how Can Muhammed Karagoz stepped out of bouts of stress that came with his difficult childhood. After losing his mother at the age of four, Karagoz found solace in the arms of dancing. He would polish shoes to support himself during the day and put in all his efforts in his spare time towards dancing. He was not able to own a second pair of anything, but that did not mean he ever stopped and quitted, his love for dancing edged him on. Today, he is an accomplished dancer, actor, model, physical trainer, nutritionist, ballroom, and Latin style dancing instructor. He has also been a finalist in International Open Professional Latin Dance Championships. He has also walked several runways in London, Dallas, New York, and New Jersey. Other than that, he has worked in several musicals, TV shows, and movies. Karagoz’s love for dance has made him an unstoppable and formidable force in his field.

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