Construction sites are not the nicest of places to work at. There are a plethora of risks that the stakeholders have to encounter and that is the reason, they must make sure that all the safety norms are taken care of and the sites are inspected by the professional safety inspectors to keep certain injuries at bay.

Here on this page, we discuss some of the injuries these inspectors help to avert.

Work-related injuries

Construction sites are notorious to cause a wide range of injuries that include cuts and open wounds, strains and sprains of joints, chronic joint and muscle conditions. These injuries happen mainly either due to hitting or being hit by a hard object, pulling, pushing, and lifting heavy objects, falls from a height.

Work-related fatalities

When it comes to work-related fatalities, they mainly involve falls from heights that include ladders, stairways and mobile ramps, scaffolding, roof, and fatalities from injuries during building construction and demolition. Under the circumstances, it is the responsibility of the construction safety inspection company in Manly to take care of the proceedings and ensure that these things never happen.

Other fatalities

Other fatalities that take place result from vehicle collisions, electrocution, an accident caused by any moving object,  falling object, being trapped between objects or between equipment, and miscellaneous causes.

High-Risk Construction Work

When it comes to high-risk construction work, it involves the following risks:

  • Fall from over 2-meter height,
  • Risks associated with working on telecommunication tower
  • The risk involved in the demolition of any structure of the element thereof, which is load-bearing
  • The risk involved in the demolition of any part of the structure, which has everything to do with the physical integrity of the structure.
  • Risks involved with dismantling and installing asbestos
  • Risks involved in structural alteration and repair of the structures that need temporary support for preventing collapse.
  • The risk involved in any work that is carried out in a confined place
  • Work carried about near pressurized gas pipes and mains
  • Work conducted near hazardous and dangerous chemicals, refrigerants, fuels and services
  • Work that is carried out near the energized electrical systems, installation, and services.
  • Works involving the use of explosives
  • Work that is carried out in a contaminated or and inflammable atmosphere
  • Work that involves a tilt-up or precast concrete
  • The work that is carried out by a road, a shipping lane, or any other traffic corridor, which is in use by traffic and passers-by.
  • The work that is carried out at a place where there is a movement of powered mobile plant
  • Work that is carried out at an extreme temperature
  • Work that is carried out in any location that has to deal with water or other liquid that can raise its volume and level to a life-threatening extent.

Thus, when it comes to carrying out construction work the stakeholders must complete the introductory safety training courses to be able to stick to the norms. It is the responsibility of a reputed construction safety inspection company to inspect whether the set safety norms are taken care of and resolved or not.

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