Daniel Kertcher is the CEO and Founder of Platinum Pursuits. He is well known as an expert within Australian wealth and stock trading education. Born in 1972 Toronto, Canada, he moved to Australia when he was 16. He completed his degree, Bachelor of Science at University of Queensland with a major in Neurophysiology (Brain Research).

In 1993, he joined the real estate industry and was soon promoted to off-shore manager for the company. In 1995 he became an accredited Real Estate agent and started his own agency with his business partner and mother, Sharyn. The agency focused on property, including investment, development, sales, on-site management and maintenance.

Destiny made him met two gentlemen living in New Zealand, Max Lewis and Bruce Barnard both having experience of more than 30 years in technical analysis and stock trading education. He employed both of them to teach him the guru mantras of stock trading and was so impressed that he offered to setup a company together.

In 1998, MetaShare International was formed with its first office at Auckland, New Zealand. MetaShare provides training courses in technical analysis and stock trading education.Today MetaShare has more than 3500 customers and offices located in Brisbane, Melbourne, Auckland, Sydney, and regional teams in Wellington and Christchurch.

Daniel Kertcher is an optimized personality seeking growth. He attended an Anthony Robbins Personal Development course in Fiji and later returned to inform the Directors of MetaShare that he was selling his share in the company. At age 27, he had decided to retire and focus on his own trading portfolio. Soon after he met his wife, Julie. Due to an overwhelming response to Daniel's presentations at Anthony Robbins Wealth Mastery seminars he decided to build his own company based around stock trading education and the skills that had made him financially independent at a young age.

He laid the foundation of Platinum Pursuits in 2001 and provides technical strategies to companies seeking guidance through stock trading education. Platinum Pursuits provide live courses and home Studies packages. Today Daniel spends 4-5 months a year providing technical seminars internationally for Platinum Pursuits and the rest balancing his own personal development, investments, business, charity, personal leisure and spiritual interests.

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