One of the most popularly sold and consumed beverages in the world is Darjeeling Tea. Probably the main reason as to why Darjeeling is so popular. Currently there are about 87 tea estates in Darjeeling, supplying tea across the world. Each tea estate in Darjeeling have their own signature taste and label, which sets them apart from the others. Darjeeling Tea is available for purchase in all the grocery stores and tea houses found in India. Due to the rising demand of Darjeeling Tea, few establishments have taken initiative to sell tea online. Consequently, many people buy their tea online or want tea delivered at their doorstep.

Origin of Darjeeling Tea
Types of Darjeeling Tea
Seasons for Darjeeling Tea
Where do we get our tea from?
Darjeeling Tea Direct products

Origin of Darjeeling Tea

The origin of Darjeeling tea takes us back earlier than 1835, when Dr. Archibald Campbell first introduced tea in Darjeeling. He established the Beechwood Tea Estate in 1841, at Darjeeling. This was the first tea estate to be established in the district. The weather conditions in Darjeeling were perfect for tea plantation. But a mystery still baffles the most brilliant of mind as to why Darjeeling tea is so exotic in taste. By the year 1846, there were a lot of tea estates established in Darjeeling district. The rest is history. Currently, Darjeeling produces 10,000 tons of tea products each year and a portion of it is exported abroad.

Types of Darjeeling Tea

There are basically 4 types of Darjeeling Tea produced annually by the 87 tea estates. Each type has a distinct flavour and aroma, and anyone will be able to differentiate between them. Out of these, the black tea is the most popular and is widely preferred by tea connoisseurs worldwide. It is also the most widely sold Darjeeling Tea in India. Darjeeling tea estates also produce Green tea, White tea and Oolong tea.

Black Tea- The Darjeeling Black tea offers a variety of health benefits. It contains antioxidants and compounds that can help reduce inflammation in the body. The major benefits of this tea include- improved digestive system, good heart health, reduces cholesterol and lowers stress level.

Green Tea- The Darjeeling Green tea is one of the healthiest beverages and is considered to be an “anti-aging beverage”. It is loaded with antioxidants and nutrients that are great for your mind and body. It boosts the immune system, lowers blood pressure and bad cholesterol.

White Tea- The Darjeeling White Tea has the antioxidant and anti-aging properties. It helps in maintaining good health and wrinkle free skin by impeding UV rays. Its antibacterial properties, protects the body from various infection causing bacteria. Intake of white tea also helps in healthy weight loss by burning fat.

Oolong Tea- The Darjeeling Oolong tea attributes its benefits to the antioxidant called polyphenols. These compounds help to prevent grave diseases like cancer, diabetes and heart disease. They also aid in weight loss and helps in fighting obesity. The Oolong tea is also known for improving skin health.

Seasons for Darjeeling Tea

There are mainly 4 seasons when tea is harvested in Darjeeling, Spring, Summer, Monsoon and Autumn seasons. Also known as First Flush, Second Flush, Monsoon Flush and Autumnal Flush respectively.Quite rightly, the taste and the texture of the brew differs based on the seasons they were plucked and processed in.

The most preferred tea is the First Flush that is the Spring harvest. It is harvested in mid March and lasts through April. The tea leaves are light green in color and the tea has a gentle, light color aromatic acetic flavor.

Then the Summer Flush or the Second Flush. The harvesting is done through the months of May and June. This period brings out the popular ‘muscatel flavour’ in the tea. It has a mature and mellow brew. The color of the infusion becomes purplish.

Produced between July and September, the Monsoon Flush is darker bolder and stronger. It is commonly used as iced tea, masala tea, breakfast tea and commercial tea bags.

Autumnal Flush tea is harvested during the months of October and November. It brews a concoction that imparts a delicate, silvery gentle coppery glow , with less spicy tones. It has a mixture of green tea leaves with that of a blackish or brown colours.

Where do we get our tea from?

We have conducted surveys and researches for over a decade to determine which tea estates produces the best Darjeeling tea. And we are proud to say that we get the tea directly from the below mentioned tea gardens. Out of the 87 tea estates producing tea, we have carefully selected and linked up with the following establishments:

Arya Tea Estate
Giddapahar Tea Estate
Avongrove Tea Estate
Risheehat Tea Estate
Puttabong Tea Estate
Turzum Tea Estate
Glenburn Tea Estate
Goomtee Tea Estate

We are the locals of Darjeeling and we have our main procurement centre located in Darjeeling. Our IT cell is located in Kalimpong, while the business head office is in Pedong.

Darjeeling Tea Direct products

We only deal with the best products Darjeeling has to offer. We have consigned people to test the products before packaging and distributing. So you have our guarantee that the products you receive from us are genuine. We are from Darjeeling, the land of Tea Gardens. Darjeeling Tea Direct is a locally based company from the region of Darjeeling. We aim to provide our patrons with the finest of teas, Darjeeling has to offer, directly from the source. With our motto as “DARJEELING TEA AT YOUR DOORSTEP DIRECTLY FROM DARJEELING” we are in constant perusal of authenticity, to ensure that your cup of Darjeeling tea, comes to you directly from Darjeeling. We have an online market and you can order your choice of Darjeeling tea from our website as well. Here are a few of our products.

Arya Diamond Black Tea- The Arya Diamond Black Tea is a superb selection from the second flush produce of the Arya Tea-Estate. It contains the highest quality of two leaves and a bud with a very delicate tippy appearance. This stimulating dark orange cup possesses a very nice aroma of wild flowers and fresh berries. With flavors that are felt instantly with very prominent complexity and range of notes. And you are left with a very nice aftertaste coupled with floral fragrance lingering in your mouth.

Broken First Flush- The Broken First Flush comes from the famous Giddapahar Tea estate, which is famous for its exquisite tea. The century old china bushes and the first flush teas are well renowned. The leaves of this flush's appearance is a grayish-greenish broken leaves. This broken first flush brews into darker golden liquor with light, resh and astringent flavor.

Broken Muscatel- Another masterpiece from Giddapahar is this traditional Darjeeling Black Tea produced from an organic broken leaf selection. The Broken Muscatel invigorates the senses with its pleasing aroma acquainted by a rich, full bodied cup with hints of honey and nuts.

Arya Ruby- Arya Ruby is a pursued drink by Darjeeling tea aficionados for its complex notes of rich muscatel and floral-fruity. The teas produced by Arya Tea Estate are named after the precious jewels. This tea delivers a crisp and sprightly flavor with milder astringency than the typical black teas.

Avongrove Euphoria- It comes from the 100% organic Avongrove Tea Estate of Darjeeling. This autumn flush black tea has delicate yet sparkling appeal. With rounded flavors distinct from the sharpness and astringency of the first and second flush. It has a coppery gold finish with is naturally fruity with delectable sweet nose and mellowness..This flush of the Avongrove Euphoria is preferred by tea enthusiasts for its delicate, well balanced and awakening taste.

Darjeeling Handmade- This exceptional handcrafted organic Darjeeling tea is grown and produced at the Kanchaan View Estate in the Darjeeling region. The fragrant leaves of this first flush black tea when brewed, produces a vibrant golden-yellow liquor with a crisp and fresh mouthfeel. It has a distinctly green note along with fresh citrus-like brightness. At first sip, the liquor tastes of wildflowers with a distinctly bright note of grapefruit and lemon and wildflower honey with a finish of hay.

Darjeeling Masala Chai- The muscatel character of this signature Darjeeling orthodox black tea leaves is beautifully blended with fresh aromatic Indian spices like cardamom, cinnamon, cloves and ginger. This tea is popular for its unique and refreshing aroma. It has many Ayuvedic and anti-inflammatory properties. It also relieves fatigue.

Earl Grey- Darjeeling Earl Grey is an exceptional blend which brings together the second flush black tea with a sweet and citrusy flavours. It gives you the sweet muscatel character along with the prominent fruity character. The tea is good in relieving anxiety, improving energy levels and help fight Oxidative stress. It is also good for weight loss, heart & dental health, helps to regulate digestion and strengthens the immune system.

Giddapahar Wiry- This tea is produced in Giddapahar tea estate and belongs to the first flush selection of teas. It consists of a large and slightly twisted leaves of brownins hues. The concoction when brewed it produces a beautiful amber liquor of diverse colours on a base field of forest brown. This shows how the leaf and the tips responded to oxidation during manufacture. It has a classy and delicate floral aromas.

Rose Chamomile White Tea- This is the best choice for all white tea lovers who prefer the delicateness of white tea and the floral sweet fragrance of the chamomile and rose. It is a good balance of Darjeeling White tea blended with rose petals and chamomile, which provides health benefits. Chamomile has long been perceived for its medical and beauty advantages. The presence of phenolic compounds which exhibit antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, antidepressant and anti-cancerous properties. Also vitamins like vitamin B3, vitamin A, C, D, and E, in the rose is good for human health.Chamomile is a calming, soothing herb and the perfect drink to invigorate your senses and guard against ailments.

Silver Needles White Tea- This is a product from the tea estate of Puttabong surrounded by mountain air, unique soil and high altitude. The Silver Needle includes only top buds (leaf shoots) that are hand dried and produces distinct light liquor. It has a subtle sweet scented flavour that is very soothing to your senses. This is a perfect combination for relaxation after a hectic day.

Goomtee White Tea- Coming from the gardens of Goomtee tea estate which is famous for its black tea and exquisite teas made from special clones. This white tea leaves are made with the most tender shoots of the tea estate. It provides a perfect amalgamation of the sweet floral character with the musical notes transported by the fresh Himalayan wind. The floral notes with hints of the softest peach leaves a fresh mark on your palette.

Darjeeling Oolong Tea- The Darjeeling Oolong Tea is an exquisite blend of Indian and Chinese expertise to make a rare cup of tea. It has a combination of woody muscatel notes of Darjeeling teas, with floral aromatic notes and lingering flavour of the Chinese Oolong. The resulting brew is a bold, full bodied and complex orchid undertones. This tea is normally made of two leaves and a bud. Which is then processed much like Darjeeling Black Teas but goes through less oxidation.

Glenburn Oolong- The Glenburn Oolong is an exquisite tea with a fine balance and of smooth taste and flavour. This product is brought to you directly from Glenburn Tea Estate. It is made in small batches towards the close of the season, using only the most experienced tea pickers. The brew gives a complex, fruity and sweet flavour with the leaf remaining intact and unbroken right through to the infusion.

So here you have it. You can check our variety of our collectibles listed on our website as well. Normally, items related to tea drinking and tea making that are also alongside our tea products.

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“Darjeeling Tea Direct” is a locally based company from the region of Darjeeling. We aim to provide our patrons with the finest of teas, that Darjeeling has to offer, directly from the source.