The energy and utilities industry is facing several challenges as it moves towards sustainability, like legacy infrastructure, more complex processes, pressure from consumers and government, and data interpreting issues. Out of all those challenges, legacy infrastructure and issues with data gathering are the hardest ones to overcome. Assets are aging rapidly and are often insubstantial to meet the needs of a changing industry. The process of updating crucial energy infrastructure with more efficient, digital-ready parts can’t be achieved overnight. And with digital transformation in place, sometimes companies end up drowning in too much data from too many assets. It isn’t easy to know which data to focus on and what it tells us.
To solve these problems, energy & utilities companies need to use new technology, come up with new business models, and, most importantly, get help from experts who can guide them through the whole process. One of the leading tech companies in New Zealand, Gentrack, made it their goal to simplify the sustainability journey for energy & utilities companies.
With Globaldev’s experts, they were able to design and develop a completely new data and analytics layer, Gentrack Logical Data Model, to process a wealth of data. GLDM acts as a single source of data, gives a complete overview of the customer, can generate reports and analytics quickly, and allows the implementation of AI/ML use cases on top of 100s of predefined utility-centric KPIs. To accomplish this, Gentrack leveraged Globaldev’s BI and D&A specialists that were integrated into the in-house team. Read more

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Are you thinking of transforming energy and utilities sector with the world’s leading solutions​​or or even almost ready to get down to business? If so, you need a trusted software development partner for this. And it's a tough decision. Meet our client - Gentrack -leading New Zealand technology company engaged in the development, integration, and support of interactive cleantech solutions for the utility and airport industries across the globe. Now, if you are interested, take a look on how Globaldev together with Gentrack has designed and developed a completely new data and analytics layer called Gentrack Logical Data Model (GLDM) to process a wealth of data.