Data Centers are the lifeline of the internet and information technology. It is not possible to imagine the world without internet today. The mission critical data of organizations are stored and hosted at these data centers. There are multiple services offered by the data center providers to meet the demands of businesses of all scale and sizes. Robust data center solutions can take your business to next level.

Big Data and Internet of Things: There is a rapid growth of data and it will continue to grow. So, technologists are consistently researching for better and efficient data storage solutions to manage such exponential growth of information around the world. Internet of things is rapidly emerging which will interconnect the devices resulting in smart machines, smart homes, and smart cities. Consequently, it will bring challenges to the data center providers. Data centers need to adapt accordingly to match the demands of such growth.

Here is how data center services can add value to your business:

Data center services: Usually data centers are divided into 4 TIERS based upon their uptime guarantee.
· TIER I: Single power and cooling distribution systems with 99.671% server availability
· TIER II: Redundant infrastructure with 99.741% server availability
· TIER III: Multiple power and cooling distribution systems with N+1 redundant infrastructure with 99.982% server availability
· TIER IV: Redundant and fault tolerant infrastructure with 99.995% server availability

Dedicated servers: One of the popular hosting services wherein the server is dedicated to a single user. Resources of the server are entirely dedicated to one user without sharing it with anyone else which means better performance speed as well as security.

Virtualization: Virtualization technology has transformed the data center industry with the optimized server efficiency. One physical server is divided into many virtual servers and can host multiple accounts. It acts like a dedicated server to each of its users. Each account is hosted in an isolated environment keeping it secured from the impact of activities of other users on the server.

Data Center Colocation: Many enterprises have their own servers but managing these servers in a controlled environment is a challenge for the IT managers. It not only incurs big dent in the budget of the enterprise but they also need to hire IT professionals to manage and control the server infrastructure. The best alternative for your server management is data center colocation services. A small monthly fee can ensure secured, scalable and reliable server management by the data center providers.

Cloud solutions: Cloud is another remarkable example of optimized server resources. A network of servers stores and host your data giving the users enough flexibility, scalability, and security. It’s highly efficient and a green hosting solution which makes it a futuristic IT solution. Moreover, its pay per use pricing model makes it an affordable solution.

In today’s digital environment, web presence for any business is indispensable and vital for their growth. Website hosting and data center services are definitely going to add value to your ROI by creating an impactful online presence for your business.

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