Data mining is the process of examining a data set for some models to extract. Companies use this process to the outcome of the current targets. They summarize this information useful ways to generate income and / or reduce costs. When search engines are available, they begin to build lists of links from the first page opens. He continues this process through the site to the root page. These data include not only text but also numbers and facts.

Data mining focuses on consumers with respect to both the "internal" (price, product positioning), and "external" (competition, demographic) factors that help determine the consumer, customer satisfaction and corporate profits. It also provides a link between individual transactions and analytical systems. Four types of relationships are sought with the data extraction:

Classes - Information used to increase traffic
Clusters - combined to consumer preferences or logical relationships to determine
Associations - used to group products normally bought together
Patterns - used to anticipate trends in the behavior

This process offers many advantages for business, government, society, and especially the people as a whole. It begins with a cleansing process that eliminates errors and ensures consistency. The algorithms are then used to "mine" the data for modeling. With all new technologies, positive and negative sides. A negative point that arises from this process is privacy. Although it is against the law, the sale of personal information on the Internet. Companies need certain personal information in order to properly carry out their activities. The problem is that security systems do not adequately protect this information.

From the perspective of customers, data mining profits companies about their interests. Their personal information is there, perhaps unprotected, and there is nothing they can do to a negative result. On the other hand, the business side, it helps to improve overall operations and helps improve customer satisfaction. As for the government, they use personal information to enhance safety and to protect the public from terrorism, but they want the rights to privacy and to protect people. With many servers, databases and websites out there, the harder it is to enforce stricter laws. The more information, we introduce the Web, the more likely someone hacking the data.

Better security systems must be developed for extraction of data can really benefit from all parties involved. Invasion of privacy can ruin people's lives. It may take months or even years to a level of confidence that our privacy is protected regain. Additional benefits, safety and welfare of everyone must be the priority. With the use of data mining, business organizations are finding it easier to ask about the ability of companies and intelligence, which were very complicated and complex to analyze and determine the earliest response.

Web mining has many advantages that are usually very attractive technology and many government agencies and businesses to use. This predictive analysis does not have much knowledge, as in the mines. Predictive analytics in general to the facts of history and current facts regarding future events to analyze. This type of mining has really helped e-commerce marketing are able to adjust that later will result in high trading volumes.

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