In today’s globalize market Customer relationship management (CRM) is considered as a core business to compete effectively and surpassed the competition. A CRM strategy depends on the efficiency with which you can use customer information for their needs and expectations, which in turn leads to more profits to meet.

Some fundamental questions - what are their needs, how they are satisfied with your product or service, is an area of improvement of existing products / services and so on. For the best CRM strategy, create a data mining predictive modeling of the data provided by the law and analysis. Let me give you an idea about how you can use data mining to your goal of CRM.

Data mining uses a variety of data analysis and modeling methods to specific trends and relationships in data detection. This helps to understand what a customer wants and anticipate what they will do.

Using data mining to find the right prospects and give them the right products to offer. This results in better sales, because you can meet each customer in a better way with less.

Process mining CRM database include:
Define the business objective of
Build database marketing
Analyze the data
See a model
Discover the model
Fixed model & start surveillance

Let me explain the last three steps in detail.

View a Model:
Building a data model prediction is an iterative process. You may need two to three models are best suited to your business problem. When looking for a data model to the right you need to come back, make some changes or even changing your problem.

In constructing a model that you start with the customer data for which the outcome is already known. For example, you may do a test mailing to find out how many people have responded to your email. You divide the information into two groups. The first group, you predict the desired model and apply the remaining information. Once the process of estimating and testing will end up with a model that best suits your business idea.

Discover Model:
Accuracy is key in assessing your results. For example, predictive models obtained by data mining are clubbed with the ideas of experts in the field and can be used in a large project that can be used for all kinds of people. How data mining is used in an application is determined by the type of customer interaction. In most cases, or contacts with clients or contact with them.

Establish Model & Home Monitoring:
For analyzing customer interactions, you as the cause of contact factors to consider, as it directly or social media campaign, awareness of your company, etc. Then select a sample of users to contact by applying the model to your existing customer database. If you advertise the profiles of potential users discovered by your model to see the profile of users of your campaign to reach.

In both cases, if the input data includes demographic income, age and sex, but the model requires equality of income, age or income, you must turn your existing database accordingly.

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