The invention of the information highway has a remarkable influence on the way we live today. The world has changed and knowledge has never been easier. In the business environment, competition is more intense. Companies that have used old business models are dead right away, because they never saw what was before them. A small company with sufficient knowledge and flamboyant unique ideas was a great success and was instantly recognizable icon worldwide in Web Marketing for the software simply because they know how the game works.

Today, the game is not only how your business works. This is how your company will be able to adapt to the rapidly changing business environment. The question is what to expect from what is here now.

This is why companies have chosen a new generation of technologies in order to know this information. Data Mining is what I was referring to. Data Mining is about discovering patterns in a seemingly chaotic series of very important information, this newly discovered motifs to transform the structures in a range of other data showing a trend to be detected and possibly form a new generation of prediction.

Data Mining is also very helpful in the process of Search Engine Optimization. Knowing the volume of a keyword to find the location of a number and be able to jump in the specific sets of information could provide more quality web visitors who have a high success rate. The fact was that the organic visitors (visitors referred from search engines) that after most companies because of their high success rate.

But it is not enough to attract visitors, however, would be a guaranteed success. Data Mining is also used data from newspapers or footprints left by the visitors to know what role they might not want, what they liked most, and what they would be more to the site to interpret than they should continue patronizing the product.

An important reason for using data mining is to assist in analyzing the collections of observations of behavior. This data is vulnerable because of co linearity relationships unknown. A fact of data mining is that all of the data being analyzed may not be representative of the whole field, and therefore can not provide examples of critical behaviors and relationships that exist in other parts of the field.

To overcome this problem, the analysis can be increased by using approaches based on experiments and others, such as the choice models for human generated data. Let’s look at one example where data mining services can be used in real application of the world. In these situations, inherent correlations either verified or removed during construction of the experimental setup.

Data mining techniques have also been applied for dissolved gas analysis (DGA) on power transformers. DGA, as a diagnostics for power transformer, has been available for many years. Data mining techniques such as SOM has been applied to analyze data and to determine trends which are not obvious to the standard DGA ratio techniques such as Duval Triangle.

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